Russians visit as tensions rise

NEWS ANALYSIS: While Sweden’s military continued to hunt this week for what many fear could be a Russian submarine in Swedish territorial waters, concerns are rising in Norway over military preparedness in the Arctic. Tensions are high on the eve of a meeting between Norway’s and Russia’s foreign ministers in Norway’s most northern county of Finnmark this […]

China’s salmon ban reels in the industry

First Russia banned Norwegian salmon, and now China’s decision to do the same is being branded as “extremely unfortunate.” The latest ban on Norwegian salmon, which follows a political standoff with Russia and nearly four years of a diplomatic freeze with China, will cost both time and money for Norwegian salmon exporters. “You can say that the […]

Putin’s nationalism worries Solberg

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg adopted a tougher tone towards Russia as she arrived for the NATO summit meeting in Wales on Thursday. She’s worried about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s nationalism and she’s not alone, as Russia’s recent aggression against Ukraine dominated the meeting’s agenda. Many, Solberg included, hope that her predecessor as prime minister […]

NATO an important arena for Norway

NEWS ANALYSIS: “This is the most important summit meeting of the alliance for a long time,” Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide declared as the NATO summit got underway in Wales on Thursday. She was referring to what her ministry calls “Russia’s ongoing aggression against Ukraine,” and since Norway never joined the European Union (EU), its membership […]

Military heads for Latvia and Ukraine

Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide confirmed that Norway will be participating in a US-led military exercise in deeply troubled Ukraine later this month, and will send soldiers and tanks to Latvia. Meanwhile, a major NATO exercise was literally rolling into Norway this week. US President Barack Obama mentioned the upcoming exercise in Ukraine while he was in […]

Carlsen caught up in chess politics

A political drama continued to swirl around Norway’s international chess star, Magnus Carlsen, as he tried to concentrate at a tournament in Missouri. Some say the conflict over whether he’ll play at a new world championship match in Russia this fall threatens to once again split the international world of chess into eastern and western camps, just […]

Brende to meet Lavrov in Norway

On the very day that alarming reports were emerging that Russian soldiers were invading Ukraine, the Norwegian government announced that Foreign Minister Børge Brende would be meeting his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Norway in October. Russian officials denied an invasion was underway. Reports Thursday afternoon that Russian tanks were rolling into Ukraine, despite Russian President Vladimir […]

Carlsen pressured to defend title

Russian officials are threatening to effectively strip chess world champion Magnus Carlsen of his title if he fails to defend it in Sochi in November. Carlsen, exhausted after this month’s Chess Olympiad in Tromsø, is already on his way to another tournament in the US and hasn’t committed to play in a new world championship as […]

Loopholes loom for salmon industry

The Norwegian government has promised to help the country’s huge salmon industry find new buyers for its fish, in the wake of a Russian boycott. At the same time, the industry may find ways of getting its fish to Russian buyers after all, through the proverbial back door. Some call it “the China method,” which […]

Government adopts sanctions

The Norwegian government, with backing from opposition parties in Parliament, has formally adopted the sanctions imposed against Russia by the US and the EU. The sanctions come in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, and not least its annexation of Crimea. The decision was approved at the weekly Council of State at the Royal […]