Data problems halted all flights

Staff at Norway’s airport authority Avinor woke up to a nightmare on Friday, when the data network that provides air traffic information crashed for several hours. The cause of the crash, which forced closure of all Norwegian airspace, was unclear and the prospect of hacking was under investigation. Avinor officials claims the problem  occured “outside Norway,” […]

Visma: ‘Check your systems constantly’

The Oslo-based technology and financial services firm Visma, which has disclosed a hacker attack on its systems last fall, is urging all companies and organizations to constantly check all their logs and systems for any signs of intrusion. Visma believes that its early discovery of its own intrusion played a critical role in fending off […]

China blamed for hack into Visma

UPDATED: Just days after Norway’s police intelligence agency warned of cyberattacks carried out by hackers in Russia and China, large Norwegian data firm Visma confirmed it had been the target of such an attack. US investigators believe it came from China. The first indication of the attack came September 4,  Oslo-based Visma’s security chief Espen […]

China blasts PST’s Huawei warning

The Chinese Embassy in Oslo has reacted angrily to Norway’s police intelligence agency PST’s warning about doing business with Chinese telecoms firm Huawei. A statement issued by the embassy also called PST’s inclusion of China as posing among the world’s biggest cyber threats “very ridiculous.” In the statement attributed to “the Spokesperson for the Chinese […]

Norway’s PST warns against Huawei

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST has joined a growing list of counterparts in other countries that are urging caution in doing business with the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei. In its annual threat evaluation on Monday, PST pointed to China and Russia as posing the greatest cyber threats, and asked authorities to keep an eye on […]

Email threats reported to police

Norwegians all over the country were calling police on Sunday, after receiving emails from alleged hackers threatening extortion and demanding payment in bitcoins. Many of the mails look like they’re sent from the Norwegians’ own email addresses, and contain demands for money, claiming recipients allegedly have been caught visiting porn sites. “It looks like someone […]

Telenor shutting down 3G network

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor plans to start shutting down its 3G network in January. The shutdown will mostly affect customers who have relatively old mobile phones that aren’t so “smart” anymore. “This will affect those who surf on old smart phones produced before the 4G network came in 2012,” Bjørn Amundsen of Telenor told news […]

Bergen is most future-oriented

Norway’s West Coast city of Bergen has preserved its history but also is best equipped to tackle the future, according to a survey of the country’s 71 largest cities. Bergen tops the list, followed by Bryne farther south in Rogaland, and Kongsberg, which has been attracting new businesses for years. The survey, conducted by consulting […]

Researchers may boost battery capacity

Norwegian researchers believe they have cracked a code that can give electric cars, mobile telephones, electronic tablets and other technology much higher batter capacity. “You can say that we found the X-factor we were looking for,” Arve Holt, research director at Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) wrote in a press release. “This can have […]

‘The Gathering’ lures more job recruiters

Talent scouts and recruiters were out in force this week as The Gathering, an annual festival for young computer and technology enthusiasts, got underway in Hamar again. It’s become a rich hunting grounds for young experts in gaming, programming and even hacking. With around 6,000 youngsters assembled in Hamar’s Vikingskipet arena, originally built for speed […]