Svendsen mulls ‘exciting’ offers

Berit Svendsen, the highly rated executive who felt compelled to leave Telenor earlier this month, says she’s had “incredibly many nice messages and exciting offers” since her headline-grabbing resignation. Management experts think the company has suffered because of it. “Seen from the outside, it seems like a lot of energy is used on internal positioning […]

Government scolds Telenor’s CEO

“I had expected more of Telenor,” exclaimed Linda Hofstad Helleland after the state-controlled company failed to retain its most senior female executive who has consistently delivered strong financial results. Helleland is Norway’s government minister in charge of equality matters, and she’s upset over the fate of Telenor’s Berit Svendsen. “This can’t continue,” Helleland told Norwegian […]

‘Sad’ and ‘dark’ day at divided Telenor

UPDATED: One of Norway’s most high-profile female executives, Berit Svendsen, seemed to have lost a long-standing power struggle with her boss at Telenor, CEO Sigve Brekke. He later claimed he was merely trying to expand her competence by offering her new assignments that she didn’t want. Svendsen ended up resigning late Monday night, after several […]

Telenor boss targets Svendsen

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Tuesday that the chief executive of Telenor, Sigve Brekke, has tried to squeeze out the company’s lone woman in top management, Berit Svendsen. Several sources told NRK that Svendsen is now fighting to hang on to her post as head of Telenor’s Scandinavian operations. Svendsen, age 55, was a top […]

Telenor hit with enormous fine

Norway’s top state competition regulator slapped leading telecoms firm Telenor, which remains majority-owned by the Norwegian state, with a fine of NOK 788 million (USD 97 million) on Thursday. The authorities claim Telenor abused its market power by preventing competitors from establishing a third mobile phone network in Norway. Telenor disagrees and is expected to […]

Ex-‘wonderboy’ files huge claim

Jo Lunder, once one of Norway’s most successful young executives, is now demanding compensation from the Norwegian state after the country’s white-collar crime unit Økokrim dropped a corruption case against him. Lunder claims his career and reputation have been ruined, and he wants NOK 529 million (USD 66 million) to cover his losses. Lunder’s claim […]

Telenor celebrated big sale with water

There was no time for champagne after Sigve Brekke, chief executive of Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, signed off on the sale of the state-controlled company’s mobile phone operations in Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro last week. “We settled for a glass of water,” Brekke told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). The Telenor CEO was nonetheless pleased […]

India claims more tax from Telenor

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, which ran into severe problems doing business in India, now faces a new tax claim from Indian authorities amounting to NOK 775 million (nearly USD 100 million). Telenor disputes the demand. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) and TDN Finans reported Wednesday that the extra tax claim is being issued in connection with […]

Lunder cleared of corruption charges

Norway’s economic crimes unit Økokrim announced Wednesday that it was dropping corruption charges against Jo Lunder, the country’s former so-called “wonderboy” of the business world. It concluded there was a lack of evidence after what has been a major international investigation that involved Norwegian company Telenor’s mobile phone interests in Uzbekistan. Lunder was one of […]

‘Wonderboy’ set to log huge gain

Jo Lunder, once dubbed the “wonderboy” of Telenor who later was arrrested on corruption charges, may still live up to his nickname. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that Lunder is set to profit handsomely from his brief tenure at the Norwegian tech firm Evry. Lunder spent just eight months serving as Evry’s chairman in 2015, from March […]