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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Tag: traffic

Roads will continue to deteriorate

Despite government promises to improve Norway's sub-standard highway system, fully a third of the country's roads are in "poor" or "extremely poor" condition. State...

Foreigners face new driving rules

Expatriates and immigrants moving to Norway may no longer be able to simply swap their driver's licenses from their homelands for a Norwegian license,...

Albania’s traffic flow better than Norway’s

Norway has long had among the slowest roads in Europe. Now a new study indicates that even drivers in Albania can get from one...

'Speed devils' plague the roads

Police in Norway have been seizing drivers' licenses at a record pace this summer, part of a crackdown on speeding. Their counterparts over the...

Tunnel collision linked to speed

Five persons, including four young men from the West Coast town of Ørsta, were killed Sunday night when two cars collided inside the world’s...

Commuters leave their cars at home

Public transit fares went up again on March 1, but Oslo-area commuters are taking the bus or tram like never before. Ridership has been...



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