Trains to start running abroad

Norwegians haven’t been able to take the train to any foreign destinations since the Corona pandemic first shut down operations in March of last year. They’ll finally start rolling again later this month, at least to Sweden. “We’ve all really been looking forward to this day,” Erik Røhne, chief executive of Norwegian railway Vy (the […]

Signal error halted trains

Passengers were stranded all around the Oslo area Thursday morning, because of a signal error inside the tunnel between Oslo’s central station and the National Theather station. That halted all westbound trains into Oslo and disrupted routes system-wide. “It meant that very many trains were cancelled in a big circle around downtown Oslo,” a spokesman […]

Troms train line project derailed, for now

Some residents and politicians in Northern Norway are feeling let down, after Parliament voted against a proposal to invest at least NOK 100 billion to extend Norway’s northern train service all the way to Tromsø. Others think it’s more important to improve the train lines that already exist. “We’ve been waiting for decades to get […]

Swedes take over seven train lines

Sweden’s SJ railway company started operating some of what are billed as “Norway’s most beautiful train lines” from Monday. They include the venerable Dovrebanen over the Dovre mountains and Raumabanen through scenic Romsdal. SJ won the bidding last year for the rail package known as Nord when Norway needed to break up former state railway […]

Storms and flooding halt trains, ferries

More stormy weather and high tides set off flooding that forced closure of train stations in Drammen and Halden on Monday. Strong winds and high seas also halted ferries all over Southern Norway, where mountain roads also had to close. The river running through Drammen rose so high that tracks were submerged at the train […]

Power cut to trains through Oslo

Rail traffic on lies west of Oslo came to a sudden halt just before the commuter rush on Thursday, after a power line snapped and sagged between the Skøyen and Lysaker stations. A witness told state broadcaster NRK that the next train through the area pulled it down. Syed Tasmir Abbas, who works in a […]

Train passengers stranded in Sørlandet

Around 2,000 train passengers were stranded in Southern Norway on Monday after a power failure left trains standing still on the line now operated by the UK-based firm Go Ahead. It apologized for the disruption that dragged on for around 14 hours. The trouble began around 2am with the first reports of technical problems on […]

Train passengers hope for a new era

The trains and tracks were the same, but British-owned railway company Go-Ahead Nordic made history over the weekend as the first foreign operator to start rolling on Norwegian rails. State officials and not least passengers hope it will lead to a new era of train travel in Norway after decades of disappointing service. When Go-Ahead’s […]

Bergensbanen remains Norwegian

After losing the first two rounds of new competition over train lines in Norway, the country’s own state railway has managed to retain the rights to run the main line between Oslo and Bergen. It was a great relief to the former Norges Statsbanen (NSB), now controversially known as Vy. It will be in charge […]

Railway’s boss opts to derail

Geir Isaksen has been one of the most unpopular executives in Norway this past year. After turning 65 this fall, he claims, it was time to ask the board of the state railway to find a new boss. “This is not very surprising, given his age and all the changes and restructuring lately,” responded the […]