Students in Hong Kong urged to leave

Norway’s foreign ministry has altered its travel advisory for Hong Kong and is now urging Norwegians, especially students, to “evaluate their safety,” avoid all demonstrations because of increasing violence and follow the availability of flights out of the area. Officials at both the University of Bergen (UiB) and NTNU in Trondheim have urged their exchange […]

Thousands of students wait for housing

More than 10,000 students starting at Norwegian universities and colleges this week are stuck on lists waiting for a place to live. Demand is highest, as usual, in Oslo. Even though the government has invested in more subsidized student housing  projects in recent years, there’s still a shortage. Fully 3,528 students are hoping a student […]

Bomb scare proved to be false alarm

Police and other emergency crews rushed to the University of Oslo’s Blindern campus on Tuesday after staff in the mailroom opened a letter containing white powder. It turned out to be harmless. “The bomb group secured the letter and took it to the defense research institute at Kjeller,” police operations leader Christian Krohn Engeseth told […]

Court condones professor’s firing

The Oslo County Court has concluded that the University of Stavanger was within its rights to fire a former professor, claiming there was clear evidence he had offended and harassed students and colleagues for years. Nils Rune Langeland had sued the university in 2017, claiming his dismissal was invalid. The court disagreed, finding that Langeland […]

College students’ drop-out rate high

More Norwegians pursue higher education and start degree programs than their contemporaries do in other OECD countries, but far fewer finish. Government officials are concerned about the trend that shows how only 60 percent of students in Norway actually graduate with a college degree. The trend emerged in a new survey from the OECD (Organisation […]

State builds more student housing

Norway’s education ministry announced that it will soon break ground for construction of 2,188 new student housing units, to be built in 14 Norwegian cities. The goal is to be able to offer housing to at least 20 percent of the country’s college and university students. “More student housing ensures a reasonable and predictable offer […]

Survey reveals student loneliness

A new health survey of Norwegian college and university students reveals that fully 30 percent admit to being lonely and feeling like outsiders in new school environments. They also miss having someone to talk to. School started this week all over the country, and the media is full of stories about students settling in to […]

Norway has the oldest students in Europe

College and university students in Norway are the oldest in Europe, according to new numbers from state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). Fully 25 percent of Norwegian students are over the age of 30. Norway has long had much older students than those in the US, for example, where most college students come directly from […]

Professor fired in Stavanger

A controversial professor in the University of Stavanger’s Department of Cultural Studies and Languages has become only the third professor to ever be dismissed from a Norwegian university. The university’s employment commission voted Friday to fire Nils Rune Langeland after he’d been accused of sending sexually offensive text message to several female students. Langeland, who […]

Professor faces dismissal over sexual harassment

A professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS) faced being fired this week, as university officials announced a case against him calling for his dismissal. Website Khrono, which covers the education sector, reported that the case would be handled by the university’s board on Friday. The professor has been accused on multiple occasions of sending […]