Fourth Viking ship called ‘sensational’

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a Viking ship, burial mounds and Iron Age homes right next to the busy E6 freeway near Halden in southeast Norway. The discovery is already being hailed as “sensational.” Although the Vikings are known to have been active seafarers and also brought their ships on shore to use as […]

Viking ship tied up in bureaucracy

A full-scale copy of Norway’s famous Oseberg Viking ship, which has sailed around the historic city of Tønsberg for the past five years, is currently tied up right at the start of its busy summer season. With no specific registry for Viking ships in Norway, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) believes the Saga Oseberg is either a cargo or passenger vessel, and it […]

Viking ship needs sudden bail-out

A replica of a Viking ship managed to weather the often stormy seas of the North Atlantic this spring to triumphantly arrive in North America, but now it’s run into a new storm of financial problems. Project organizers didn’t budget for the cost of needing port pilots in US waters, and are desperately trying to raise the […]

Another Viking ship arrives in Canada

There’s been a rash of Viking-ship construction projects in Norway in recent years, and one of the end results made it to Canada this week. The Draken Harald Hårfagre tied up at St Anthony in Newfoundland after leaving Haugesund on April 24. It follows a long line of vessels constructed to recreate Viking expeditions of more than […]

‘Viking Age Museum’ starts taking shape

A new safe harbour is rising around Norway’s famed Viking ships, arguably the country’s most precious national treasures. State officials unveiled the winning designs on Tuesday for a new “Viking Age Museum” in Oslo, to be built around the existing museum building, which itself is on the country’s historic preservation list. Statsbygg, the state-owned company in charge […]

Plans laid for new Viking ships museum

Norway’s Ministry of Education has directed state building agency Statsbygg to start planning a new and expanded Viking Ships Museum on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula. The University of Oslo already lays claim to the largest collection of Viking ships and other Viking treasures in the world. The university and city officials have long seen a need […]

Viking ships lose out to Munch

Two of Oslo’s most traditional tourist attractions, the Viking Ship Museum and Norwegian Folk Museum at Bygdøy, are reporting declines in their numbers of visitors. Summer crowds this year seem to be spending their time instead at the special exhibits celebrating the 150th birthday of famed Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported […]

Viking ships to stay berthed at Bygdøy

Norway’s famed Viking ships won’t be moved to a new museum that some historians and city officials have been promoting for years. A new study declared the ancient wooden ships to be too fragile to withstand transport from their longtime museum berth on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula. It was a day of news involving some of […]

Viking ships stay berthed on Bygdøy

Norway’s authentic, famed Viking ships now seem unlikely to leave their berths in the Viking Ships Museum on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula, following a decision by the board of the University of Oslo to consider alternatives to another location. For years, officials at the university have been urging a move from what they claim is an […]

Viking ship sunk near Shetland

A replica Viking ship known as Dragens Vinge (“The Dragon’s Wing”) has sunk on its way from Norway to the Shetland Islands in Scotland, with seven people needing to be rescued by emergency services. The boat, built based on methods used in the thirteenth century, left Sandnes in south-west Norway on Monday. But reports of […]