Politicians react to weekend violence

Oslo police logged more than 20 incidents of street violence in Oslo during the weekend, and that was topping the agenda of an already-planned high-level meeting on youth crime. Several of the incidents appeared to be unprovoked attacks on random victims in the Nowegian capital. Police reported late Sunday that they’d arrested five suspects after a […]

Violence rising at primary schools

Armed police and emergency health care personnel responded swiftly to calls of a “threatening situation” involving a knife at a primary school in Oslo this week. Eight minutes later they had control of the suspect, a little boy who apparently was angry with his teacher. It was just the latest example of violence at Norwegian […]

‘Russ’ take partying and brawls abroad

Norway’s notorious high school seniors known as “russ” have landed in trouble this summer, after exporting their rowdiness and rivalries to holiday spots in the Mediterranean. Hotel, restaurant and bar owners on the Greek islands of Kos and Ios have had their fill of young Norwegians “who feel they have a right to do what […]

10 young Norwegians arrested in Greece

Police on the popular Greek island of Kos have arrested 10 young Norwegians on holiday, after they took part in a street brawl and assaulted law enforcement officers. Newspaper VG reported that a man from Poland was also among those being held for violence and disturbing the peace. The Norwegians, all male teenagers, reportedly come […]

Officials crack down on school violence

Three government ministers, top politicians from the City of Oslo and the Norwegian capital’s chief of police were among those sitting down for a meeting in Oslo on Wednesday to tackle the rising problem of violence in local schools. They settled on stronger reaction and punishments, including swifter expulsions. Those causing the most trouble in […]

School violence ‘shocks’ minister

Norway’s acting state education minister was calling on Thursday for an emergency meeting after reports of violence at a high school in Oslo. It’s the latest example of violence at schools in the Norwegian capital, now so bad that the high school’s rector involved said he no longer could offer either teachers or students a […]

Fears of violence mar back-to-school

It’s back-to-school week in Norway, but not all students are returning to festive opening ceremonies at their local schools. Fears of violence and assaults even on teachers has prompted one high school in Oslo to control entry, prompting at least one of its teacher to resign in protest. Silje Gloppen, age 37, told newspaper Dagsavisen […]

Police ‘underestimate’ risk of partner murders

Domestic violence cases have long posed among the biggest challenges for police. Now criticism is flying that Norwegian police systematically underestimate how serious situations are for those who finally ask for help. The issue has sprung back to the forefront in Norway, after a woman from Thailand and her son were shot and killed in Kirkenes last […]

One dead, one critically injured after brawl

Police in Oslo were investigating a violent attack in the stairwell of a residential apartment building in Etterstad late Saturday night. They were searching for a suspected assailant seen fleeing the scene of a brawl, dressed in camouflage clothing and wearing a wig. The attack in the eastside neighborhood resulted in both of its male […]

Dramatic drop in Oslo crime figures

In the first half of 2014, the number of crimes registered in Oslo dropped by 9.2 percent, 104 fewer robberies were reported, cases were resolved faster and incidences of pickpocketing dropped dramatically. There was also less violence, rape and murder, said Oslo police’s deputy chiefs when they presented the half-yearly review on Friday. Despite significant […]