Norwegians bemoan shooting in US

The gun culture in the US struck Norwegians at home on Friday, after hearing news that a 37-year-old Norwegian man was shot and killed by his own American father-in-law, who reportedly mistook him for an intruder. At least one high-profile Norwegian defense attorney objected to how the American was quickly excused. “This is just proof […]

Police, military tied to weapon scandal

Norwegian police have revealed a fairly brisk illegal weapons trade, after finding and seizing stashes of more than 2,000 firearms believed to stem from illegal sales. Several of the nearly 70 people charged in the case so far have worked within the armed forces or the police themselves. Police for Norway’s southeastern police district in […]

Norway takes aim at new weapons law

As the number of registered private weapons rises in Norway, the government aims to send a new proposed weapons law to the Parliament. Opposition is expected, given the country’s strong hunting culture and the popularity of shooting as sport. Newspaper Aftenposten reported on Thursday that there now are more than 1.3 million weapons registered for private […]

Police seize huge weapons stash

Norwegian police have seized more than 1,000 illegal weapons and charged as many as 20 people in one of their largest gun crackdowns ever. Nationwide raids resulted in confiscation of everything from automatic weapons to revolvers, pistols and ammunition. Norwegians often refer derisively to how guns flourish among the public in the US, but Norway also […]

Police allowed to continue carrying pistols

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen has once again extended his allowance for police to bear arms, citing what he called a “major” lack of clarity in the current threat level against Norway. He insisted the weapons allowance, however, was still temporary. Police in Norway have traditionally been armed, but started carrying pistols in November of last year because […]

‘Limitless’ threats keep police armed

Norway remains under serious threat of terrorist attack by “militant Islamists,” police intelligence unit PST has declared. That prompted Justice Minister Anders Anundsen to extend the allowance for police to remain armed for at least another month, and now they may also be able to carry pistols that fire electric shocks. “The threat picture from […]

Police can continue to carry arms

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen issued another extension this week that will allow Norwegian police to continue carrying arms at least until August 20. The extension came despite a shooting incident within a police station in Stavanger on Tuesday. Anundsen was disturbed by the incident, in which a 24-year-old man jumped over the counter at the station, grabbed at the […]

Police seek to use expanding bullets

Norway’s Police Directorate recommended on Thursday that officers switch from using regular bullets to expanding ammunition, also known as dum-dum bullets. The government has twice in the past refused the directorate’s request to use the controversial bullets, which are banned during armed conflicts under international law but remain legal in non-war situations. Expanding ammunition explodes […]

AUF lobbies for more gun control

Security will be higher than ever before when Norway’s Labour Party holds its national meeting this weekend, and the head of its youth organization AUF will be lobbying for another sort of security measure as well. Eskil Pedersen wants a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and accuses all of Norway’s political parties of a lack of […]

Many weapons in Norwegian homes

Norwegians can be quick to criticize what they consider to be liberal weapons laws in other countries, not least the US, but a new survey confirms that Norway itself ranks high among countries with the most weapons per capita in civilian hands. Norwegians, it seems, have among the highest proliferation of weapons in the world. […]