Teenagers have trouble reading

Only half of Norwegian teenagers read books during their free time, and boys are especially struggling with reading at school. Girls are still better, according a new survey, but they’re all spending much more time staring at screens than the printed page. The poor reading results were part of the latest survey of teenagers’ academic […]

Students raise money for youth in Congo

More than 60,000 Norwegian middle school students were out in force all over the country on Thursday, selling pastries and coffee or otherwise trying to raise money for the annual fund-raising drive called Operasjon Dagsverk. The fund-raiser, which began in 1964, calls on youngsters to work for a day to help their contemporaries elsewhere in […]

Police under fire after local brawl

Residents of Bogerud on Oslo’s east side continue to criticize police for allegedly heavy-handed tactics against local youth last week. Police claim they felt threatened, while the youngsters accuse them of escalating a confrontation on a hot summer evening. While the weather in Oslo has cooled down, frustration in Bogerud hasn’t. Newspaper Dagsavisen and other […]

Aggressive youth confronted police

A street brawl in Oslo late Saturday night turned into a violent attack on police that has shaken local authorities. The police seemed to lose control over aggressive youth who assaulted officers and even kicked a police dog. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that more than 100 young Norwegians were gathered outside a McDonald’s restaurant on […]

Smoking is ‘out’ for Norwegian teens

No teenagers in Europe smoke less than young Norwegians, according to a new survey, and the number of Norwegian youth who’ve even tried smoking has taken a dive over the past 20 years. Researchers link the decline to everything from strict anti-smoking regulations to high tobacco prices, health and fitness concerns and a new form of youthful […]

‘Get acquainted’ parties get out of control

Police in Oslo’s affluent suburb of Bærum report that they’ve had to shut down several so-called “get acquainted” parties for high school students in Asker, Bærum and west Oslo in recent weeks. The parties are not organized by the schools but are aimed at students of specific high schools, and they’ve quickly spun out of control. At one […]

15-year-old accepts murder charge

A 15-year-old girl’s admitted stabbing of a social worker at the juvenile care center where she was staying has raised new concerns about the safety of welfare workers in Norway. The girl has acknowledge that she killed her 30-year-old social social worker, but denies criminal responsibility. The murder last week in Asker, west of Oslo, comes […]

Youth put the brakes on driving

After decades of rapid growth, car use in Norway has stagnated in recent years. Fewer young people are getting their drivers licenses, more people are living in cities, and the popularity of car ownership has fallen. Norwegians’ driving peaked in 2008, when the average person drove 8,699 kilometres per year, reported newspaper Aftenposten. “There are […]

International students lured home

A growing number of young Norwegians are studying abroad every year, but despite setting out with plans to establish international careers, the majority end up returning to Norway. Researchers suspect tough job markets, visa difficulties, poor work/life balance and fewer benefits draw young Norwegians back home again. In 2012-2013, one in 10 Norwegian students was […]

18 youths caught in Bergen drug raid

Police in Nordhordland, north of Bergen arrested 18 people under the age of 25 during a major drug raid on Tuesday. Police said there’s a large problem with drugs in the area, and they’re trying to catch young people before they get too caught up in the culture. The youngest arrested was 14 years old, […]