Woman jailed for reporting rape

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A Norwegian woman who reported to police in Dubai that she’d been raped while on a business trip in the fast-growing Gulf city ended up being jailed herself. Her sentence is longer than her convicted rapist’s.

PHOTO: Dubai Department of Topurism and Commerce Marketing

A Norwegian woman has been jailed in Dubai after she told local police that she had been raped. PHOTO: Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

The 25-year-old’s trip to Dubai in March turned into a nightmare after she reported the rape and was jailed for having had sex outside of marriage and for drinking alcohol. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that her passport was seized and she wasn’t allowed to borrow a telephone for three days. Then she called her family in Norway.They mobilized the Foreign Ministry, and Norway’s consulate in Dubai managed to get her out of jail and housed at the local Norwegian Seamans Church, where she remained until her sentence recently was handed down: prison for one year and four months. Her attacker was sentenced to one year and one month, Anniken Meling of the Seamans Church told NRK.

The foreign ministry reported that Norway has no extradition treaty with Dubai, which was described as a Muslim police state. That means tourists and visitors are usually safe as long as they follow local laws. They include laws against extra-marital sex and drinking outside of restaurants and bars in the biggest hotels, leaving rape victims vulnerable. An appeal was pending.

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  • Butinksy

    So backwards. There are no words.

  • Gaetano Gagliano

    WTF Is wrong with this Earth!?!?

  • chuckabunch

    Norway should start by expelling anyone from Dubai back there.

  • Joseph John Schuler

    Bull, I defy you to point to any UK citizen being forced into a Sharia court. Like rabbinical courts they must be voluntary.

  • Where in the UK is Sharia enforced?

    People keep saying racist, perhaps they are not, they are xenophobic.

    • Smokey Behr

      There are plenty of areas in the UK and France where non-muslims are not allowed to be, where the police won’t go, and where they have their own “judicial councils” that enforce Sharia.

      • Plenty of places. That’s nice. No idea about France. I shall have to take that with a pinch of salt.

        Where in the U.K. do police not go and Sharia is enforced?

  • Concerned about world peace

    Just because its a rich country controlling world’s oil, western countries are their puppets, they dont dare to impose bans and sanctions on these so called developed countries in the mid-east who violate lots of human rights… Whats the point of development at the cost of human rights?

    • Observer2796

      Dubai has no oil son.

  • what does the yellow line mean?

  • richard albert

    News Flash:
    “Dubai authorities eventually decided to pardon Dalelv, likely in the
    hope of avoiding a public relations backlash and a possible tourist

    “Arriving in Norway on Wednesday, Dalelv told the NRK news
    agency that she was happy to be home and looked forward to eating pork

    Well – at least SHE has retained a sense of humor. All of the prattle about sharia law in the UK etc. is amusing but unuseful. This didn’t happen in Europe and has nothing to do with the Islamic diaspora.

    It has to do with a small, rich emirate who believes themselves to be above all law, including the sharia, which if applied correctly would not support such a verdict; and a young person from a country where one very rightly has been taught to trust and obey a system of law and order. It is not for nothing that she was given initial asylum at the Sjømannskirken. This is their mission and I suspect that they had more to do with the outcome than has been reported. in the press.

    Turn this inside out. The most troublesome of foreign provocateurs have enjoyed the tolerance of Norway’s exquisite fairness and observance of due process. A mass murderer has received the benefit of every doubt, his rights have been jealously guarded, and not for his own sake. I can discern no bending to public pressure beyond the norms of transparency and responsibility.

    By contrast, not fairness, not justice, not compassion prevailed in Ms Dalelv’s case. It was bad press and a nagging suspicion that further provoking of Western enmity was not in their best interest. The classic demonstration of situation ethics. (She wasn’t even from the USA so the standard license to hate was revoked.)

    Bullys are largely motivated by insecurity, by inferiority. Not by some abstract ideology. They are most effectively dissuaded by clearly defined and strictly observed limits – enforced by disapproval, sanctions, and ultimately ridicule. Difficult in international situations, but appeasement, inaction or indifference are fatal.

    Welcome back. Har noen svinekjøtt pølse og fatøl for meg, takk!

  • Riccardo

    Long ago in the Middle Ages the Arab world was the spearhead of civilization, and has given the world great advances in mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, among others. Today the Arab world is really an inferior civilization and amazes us to see how pride and arrogance prevent the Arabs to realize that they have disgusted and annoyed the rest of the world.

    • Observer2796

      Ooooh Riccardo! You mad?