Horses led parade: See what happened

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SEE THE VIDEO: Mounted police in dress uniform led Norway’s Constitution Day parade on the 17th of May in Oslo on Sunday. Behind them were tens of thousands of children and their teachers from 106 schools in the Norwegian capital, all dressed up for the annual parade on Norway’s national day. Here’s what happened after the horses were kept waiting just a little too long:

Out following horses from on Vimeo.


  1. Shelagh Cosgrove says:

    Easy solution–just have the horses come last!

    • John Palmer says:

      Sometimes the simplest solution is best. If the horses must, for some reason, go first, have them followed by a clean-up crew.

  2. Travis Cleveland says:

    This is a relative. For example, the parade might have included elephants, like the circus parades in Milwaukee several years ago.

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