No plans to exterminate minks

Norway’s Parliament has already decided to phase out its fur farming industry, so its mink population has been in decline. That’s made it easier to control, claims Agriculture Minister Olaug Bollestad, who claims Norway won’t follow Denmark in killing off minks because of Corona infection fears. Denmark’s decision to destroy all minks, because of infection […]

Half the wolf population under threat

Wildlife commissions in four regions of southeastern Norway sided with ranchers and landowners on Thursday in calling for a wolf hunt aimed at wiping out five wolf packs now living in wolf zones where they’re supposed to be protected. That’s twice as many as the commissions’ professional secretariat advised. The commissions for the regions of […]

DNT posts moose hunt warnings

Norway’s annual moose hunt seems to be taking priority over many Norwegians’ right to the great outdoors. Even the national trekking association DNT was warning Norwegians on Friday against hiking in areas where the moose hunt was getting underway, just as the annual autumn holiday weeks were, too. “Don’t go hiking in areas where there’s […]

Police find 80 dead sheep in Troms

In what appears to be a new case of animal neglect, police in Northern Norway found 80 dead sheep on a farm in Midt-Troms. Another 11 had to be killed to alleviate their own suffering. Police were reluctant to release details of the animal tragedy, but Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that they were investigating apparent […]

Polar bear attacks man on Svalbard

UPDATED: Both a man from the Netherlands and a polar bear that attacked him during the night in a populated area of Svalbard were confirmed dead on Friday. The shocking attack occurred at a campground near Svalbard’s airport in Longyearbyen, and therefore inside an area generally considered to be safe. Officials on Svalbard were thus […]

Moose disrupted airport operations

A Widerøe Airlines flight from Lofoten to Bodø was delayed Tuesday morning after three large moose were found wandering around the terminal area and near the runway. Airport officials were baffled over how the large animals managed to get into the airport at Leknes, which is entirely fenced off. “There are no holes in the […]

Beavers move from the forest into town

After nearly becoming extinct in the late 1800s, Norway’s beaver population is now estimated to number more than 70,000. After making their mark in local forests around Oslo, some have even started moving into town, startling visitors to the Frogner Park and even residents of the city’s trendy Grünerløkka neighbourhood. They’ve long been altering the […]

Bird cruelty case spurs reward offer

Norway’s animal rights organization NOAH was so shocked after a seagull was found literally glued to a sidewalk in Sortland in Northern Norway over the weekend that it’s offering a reward for tips leading to the arrest of those responsible. “We fear the case will just be shelved if we don’t get tips from the […]

More wolves shot but ‘not enough’

A few more wolves have been shot in Southern- and Eastern Norway in recent weeks, including one in the mountains above Ringsaker and another in Søndre Land. A total of 12 were authorized to be gunned down in Hedmark, Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, but six have escaped so far. The hunters have until May 31 […]

Polar bear died under sedation

A polar bear that had been sedated and airlifted out of a populated area on Svalbard died last week while being flown by helicopter to an Arctic wilderness area on the Norwegian-run archipelago. Wildlife authorities were at a loss to explain the second polar bear death in as many months. “We don’t know why it […]