Tourists exploit campgrounds

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Campground owners along the scenic highway Atlanterhavsveien on Norway’s northwest coast are frustrated by the numbers of tourists driving expensive motor homes who pull in, use their facilities and then drive off again, in search of free accommodation elsewhere. Now a call is going out to impose high parking fees along the popular coastal highway, to prevent tbe camping van drivers from spending the night along it for free.

Atlanterhavsveien, a road and bridges connecting islands along the coast of Nordmøre south of Kristiansund, has long been a tourist attraction. Tourists in camping vans, however, don't seem willing to pay for parking accommodation along the way. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Atlanterhavsveien, a scenic road with bridges connecting islands along the coast of Nordmøre south of Kristiansund, has long been a tourist attraction. Tourists in camping vans, however, don’t seem willing to pay for parking accommodation along the way. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

“They swing in, ask to empty their septic tanks, fill their water tanks and use our toilets, only to drive back onto the highway and find a place to park for free,” campground owner Morten Holen told newspaper Tidens Krav in nearby Kristiansund. Holen’s family runs the campground Atlanterhavsveien Sjøstuer, and they feel both exploited and abused.

Some of the tourists, mostly driving motor homes with foreign license plates, even take a shower at Holen’s campground and don’t buy so much as a cup of coffee, he complained.

He and his colleagues think local or state officials should impose a fee on those who park along the highway to avoid the NOK 220 (EUR 25/USD 27) daily fee charged by the campgrounds. “It’s frustrating,” said Holen, whose family pays the costs of running their facilities while, he noted, Norwegian taxpayers have paid for construction of the scenic highway.

“It’s the foreign toursits, especially those from France, who won’t pay,” Holen told Tidens Krav. “They’ll drive around and look for places to park in the lots of public buildings that have motor-warming outlets, also in the parking lots of schools, where it’s free,” he said.

Holen’s proposal for an overnight parking fee is supported by the national organization Norsk Bobil- og Caravanklubb. There were no immediate word on how high such a fee should be. Berglund

  • frenk

    Bloody foreigners….!!!


    In the Norwegian culture nothing is able to be for free or affordable. It is a stigma coming from a poor past combinated with greed. The motto here should be ‘Try to get the most with the less possible amount of effort’. On the contrary, Norway should be friendly and generous like any country in the world trying to attract tourists that, at the end spend money inside their borders. Here it seems that the ‘good deal’ is to punished them with obscene prices in any field. Why no to close the borders and get isolated from the world if it is so evident that foreigners, for one reason or other, displease Norwegians?

    • frenk

      The ‘3 zeros’:

      Zero skill…
      Zero effort…
      Zero motivation…

  • frenk

    ……..why does this guy Holen not charge for use of his facilities…is he ‘stupid’….??

    • Stuart Spitz

      Too socialist to innovate. He needs the government to step in. lol.

  • Stuart Spitz

    I think this Morten guy forgets that everyone who drives on the overpriced roads here pays for their construction via the toll system. Why should they now have to pay more just to stop. He is basically condoning driving tired since that is what will happen if you make people pay to stop.

    It’s hard to believe it is mostly foreign vehicles, because really – society and government have together made Norway so expensive that it is just not worth coming here for a holiday.

    Why doesn’t he capitalise on the through traffic instead of complaining? Lower his prices, offer attractive food, drink etc and make money rather than see people stop and drive off…. or is the idea of competing for customers on quality and price too alien for Norway.


      ‘Lower his prices, offer attractive food, drink etc’ is too much effort to ask to the local lazyness, lack of creativity and motivation. They all are used that at the very end the ‘Father State’ will cover everything. Why to be concern? The real problem is that his pockets are close to be exhausted under the present circumstances.

  • Monti34

    He should charge for anyone using his facilities, if he has costs to cover he has the right to re-coup those. As for charging for parking roadside I find the idea comical, as an expat paying Norwegian taxes I certainly wouldn’t expect to pay this and it would be a deterrent to travelling to the more remote and beautiful parts of Norway.
    Morten should have a reduced charge for people wanting to use only part of his facilities then foreigners may not be so put off.

  • frenk

    Surely its time for the Norwegian State to stop trying to exploit (rip-off) tourists and actually offer some services…..and train Norwegians in the ‘art of service’?
    Have you been to Aker Brygge….what a mess….weeds growing everywhere…some of the fountains are not operational….no public toilets….!
    I was in the area on Sunday…many of the restaurants were closed….