Warm weather set new summer record

The Norwegian capital of Oslo has never counted so many days with temperatures of more than 20C (nearly 70F) than it did this summer. It could boast 79 official “summer days” in June, July and August, breaking the last record set in 2006, four full days before August will be over. With the warm weather […]

Norwegians hit the road

Instead of flying off on their summer holidays this year, nearly 80 percent of all Norwegians will be driving around Norway instead. A new survey tracking Corona virus effects said many will also be staying home or heading for their hytter (holiday cabins). More than 1,000 Norwegians polled by research firm Opinion indicate they won’t […]

Summer suddenly turned chilly

After an unusually warm June, Norway’s July summer holidays got off to an extremely chilly start over the weekend. Strong winds, heavy rain, hail and even some snow caught many tourists by surprise. Slippery roads and as much as 30 centimeters of snow in the mountains prompted warnings from state highway officials that motorists shouldn’t […]

Holiday restrictions spur ‘boat bonanza’

Another sign of Norway’s fundamentally stong economy has sailed into local headlines lately: Norwegians are buying boats like never before. Sales of both new and used boats are showing huge increases, and prices are rising. “I’ve never seen anything like this in my 33 years in the boat business,” Anders Topland at Grimstad Bådsenter on […]

Summer weather sets in at last

After a chilly weekend and a fair amount of rain, Southern Norway was joining the north in welcoming summer weather this week. It’s expected to last at least through the upcoming pinse holiday weekend. Thermometers were already rising from Kristiansand in the south to Kirkenes in the north. “Many places will be well over 15C […]

Spectacular weekend weather cools down

Warm winds from the Mediterranean got the credit for one of the most beautiful weekends of the year, weather-wise, all over Southern Norway. The sun shone down from a brilliant blue sky, sending thermometers up to 22C in Oslo on Saturday. While folks in Northern Norway shivered on both Saturday and Sunday, with a blend […]

Summer in the City hasn’t ended yet

PHOTO FEATURE: Schools are back in session and Norway’s official summer holiday period is long over, but the weather suggests otherwise. State meteorologists are forecasting another heat wave of sorts, and folks were already out enjoying sunshine and warmth over the weekend. Oslo residents flocked to the waterfront again on Sunday, and many dove right […]

Music festivals hang on to their identities

Another busy season of summer festivals in Norway will soon draw to a close. In the increasingly attractive region of Helgeland, known for its thousands of islands and coastal culture, organizers of two major festivals are keen to literally hang on to their roots. While Rootsfestivalen in Brønnøysund wants to retain a local identity, Trænafestivalen hopes […]

Heat wave breaks, more warmth coming

Norwegians in the southern part of the country could finally put on a sweater again Tuesday, when they woke up to temperatures that were just half the day before. Meteorologists predict warm summer weather will return, just not as hot. After sweltering through several days of temperatures over 30C, thermometers were showing 16C in Oslo […]

Norway sweltered in the record heat

A record warm weekend ended, in Oslo at least, with  some heavy local showers Sunday night. They didn’t cool things off much, though, as Norway Cup players tried to sleep in sweltering gymnasiums where thermometers have hit 45C (110F). The large Norway Cup international football tournament attracts thousands of young football players to Oslo every […]