Mullah Krekar freed from jail

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UPDATED: Radical Islamist Mullah Krekar, who’s been in and out of Norwegian courts and custody for years, has been released from his most recent trip to jail. An appeals court in Oslo found him not guilty of making threats in a taped interview with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Krekar had been held pending appeal following his conviction by a lower court last fall. He’d been arrested and jailed for 18 months for making threats against a Kurdish man who had burned a copy of the Koran. Kekar was also convicted by the Oslo City Court of encouraging others to kill the Kurdish man but the appeals court overturned the decisions.

His longtime lawyer Brynjar Meling said Krekar was already at home with his family again. Meling later told reporters that Krekar also planned for sue the state for compensation, to the tune of around NOK 100,000 (USD 12,000).

He remains under indictment for having alleged planned terrorist acts through an alleged European terror network called Rawti Shax. Italian police and prosecutors want him extradited to face charges in Italy.

The case is due to come up in court in June. Meling said Krekar categorically denies the charges, claiming he “has nothing to do with terror,” and he’s preparing Krekar’s defense. Since the Italian authorities have withdrawn a demand that he remain held in prison pending June’s extradition hearing, there were no further impediments to Krekar’s release this week. staff

  • richard albert

    Another bullshit artist who has abused the goodwill and sincerity of the Norwegian system (I almost said people) to achieve victim/celebrity status.

    Mullah: a relatively meaningless honorific which carries no recognizable accreditation. You may be highly educated, or an ignoramus. Famously Mullah nasru-al din in Iran.

    Mullah K. is generally described in Western media as an “Islamic scholar and jihadist”. Good on us. Note: ṭālibān is a Farsi plural for ṭālib – a scholar.

    This is the exact meaning of Isiah 2:4. “…neither shall they learn war any more.” otherwise, I shall study war no more – the hymn “Down by the Riverside” if I may quote. But the original meaning comes with the additional connotation of “contrive” . Incite? Does lort forstyrrer ring a bell?

    Bring in the clowns. Then pay for them.