Even more post offices set to close

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The Norwegian postal service is quickly becoming a shadow of its former self. After a wave of post office closures earlier this year, more loom now as well.

The mountain town of Førde was having a hard time this week, for example, after first Telenor announced it was shutting down operations and slashing jobs and then Posten followed suit. Førde’s post office will close and all six of its employees will lose their jobs.

Posten is also closing post offices in Tønsberg and at Nordstrand in Oslo. What’s left of postal services will be offered on a much smaller scale through so-called post i butikk, with postal counters set up in some grocery stores.

The closures cut costs for Posten at a time when the number of letters sent through the postal system has been cut in half, replaced by electronic communication. “When revenues fall, we must look at other ways of organizing ourselves,” a Posten spokesman told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

Meanwhile, the few remaining post offices in Oslo, for example, are often packed with customers who face postal rates that are double those in the US and spotty delivery. One large residential building in downtown Oslo failed to get its mail delivered for many weeks last summer, while the postal system’s customs duty collectors have been known to charge high fees on packages from abroad when none should be due.

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  • frenk

    When we read stuff like this….it makes you wonder why people live in Norway?

    • inquisitor

      I have to agree with that sentiment frenk. I mean I can understand if half of physical mail is now electronic that would justify the necessity for some serious downsizing. My mother worked for the US Postal Service since the late eighties until just a couple years ago unto retirement. She got in when good contracts were available to employees under Reagan. The USPS also took a hit from the internet but business class mail helped to compensate a bit. Many complain the USPS is a dinosaur that should die and claim it sucks taxes, but without realizing it is self-funding and what hurt it the most was the government forcing it to fund its pensions way into the future. A mandate which would have broken any private business if they had the same mandate. My mother claims the reason why the USPS does not work is because of incompetent management. I visited a local Norwegian mail facility and it was immaculate with the best sorting machines as used in the US. Tried to inquire about job opportunities there and they let me work there for two weeks hand-sorting Christmas cards and then told me to take a hike as one of the employees remarked to me…”These full jobs are only for Norwegians”. Who knows if that wonderful person even has a job there now.