Unemployment rate falls again

More signs have emerged that Norway’s economy has recovered quickly after the worst of the Corona pandemic. Unemployment numbers for August show the jobless rate falling even lower than the central bank’s optimistic outlook. There were 11,500 fewer people in Norway who were totally out of work last month than in July. A total of […]

Long-term jobless ‘alarmingly high’

Closed restaurants and empty streets have added to the November gloom, and sent Norway’s numbers of “long-term unemployed” up nearly 72 percent so far this year. The increase is blamed almost entirely on the Corona crisis that’s now turning temporary layoffs into terminations. “Long-term unemployment is now at an alarmingly high level,” says Hans Christian […]

Color Line lays off 400 more

The Norwegian cruise-ferry company Color Line has confirmed that it’s laying off another 400 workers on board its two vessels sailing between Oslo and Kiel in Germany. That brings the total number of laid-off Color Line employees to around 1,000. The Color Fantasy will be laid up from November 4 and until the Corona virus […]

Color Line cuts hundreds of jobs

There probably won’t be so many cars or passengers rolling off Color Line ferries in the months ahead. The Norwegian shipping line that runs ferries between Norway and Denmark, Sweden and Germany confirmed on Friday that it will cut as many as 300 jobs because of Corona virus-related reductions in traffic. It’s taking a long […]

Unemployment falls but job fears loom

The latest numbers from state welfare agency NAV show 83,000 fewer job seekers in June than in May, and Norway’s official unemployment rate fell to 4.8 percent. Hard-hit hotel- and travel businesses still fear the worst, though, and warn of a new wave of terminations later this summer. “The numbers of people without jobs continue […]

Economy picks up, krone strengthens

Norway is once again being branded as fundamentally different from the rest of the world, as it emerges from the Corona darkness. While its own Corona virus crisis initially hit hard, infection and death rates have remained low and now the economy is showing numerous signs of recovery. In the past week alone, more people […]

NAV struggles to pay out benefits

Government officials were confident that they’d be able to quickly set up a new system to pay full unemployment benefits to thousands of newly laid-off workers in Norway. That’s hasn’t happened. Two months after the Corona crisis threw hundreds of thousands of Norwegians out of work, most haven’t received any money. Martin Josefsen is among […]

Expat workers most vulnerable in crisis

Expatriates in Norway who come from countries outside the European Economic Area have the most to fear during the Corona crisis if they’re suddenly laid off from jobs that brought them to Norway. Even though Norwegian employers needed them because of special skills, and they’ve paid taxes like all other Norwegians, they won’t qualify for […]

Unemployment hits new post-war high

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV was clobbered again on Monday with 20,400 more applications for unemployment benefits. They’ve now soared to a stunning 243,000 since a state shutdown began to corral the Corona virus, with one economist estimating that the unemployment rate is now probably over 11 percent. NAV put it at 10.4 percent on […]

NAV overwhelmed by benefits seekers

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV has been overwhelmed by an onslaught of applications from laid-off workers seeking temporary unemployment benefits. More than 45,000 have streamed in just since Monday, when employers suffering from the Corona virus crisis began laying off staff in earnest. “There’s enormous demand,” Elisabeth Steen of a NAV employees’ labour organization (NTL […]