Unemployment hits new post-war high

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV was clobbered again on Monday with 20,400 more applications for unemployment benefits. They’ve now soared to a stunning 243,000 since a state shutdown began to corral the Corona virus, with one economist estimating that the unemployment rate is now probably over 11 percent. NAV put it at 10.4 percent on […]

NAV overwhelmed by benefits seekers

Norway’s state welfare agency NAV has been overwhelmed by an onslaught of applications from laid-off workers seeking temporary unemployment benefits. More than 45,000 have streamed in just since Monday, when employers suffering from the Corona virus crisis began laying off staff in earnest. “There’s enormous demand,” Elisabeth Steen of a NAV employees’ labour organization (NTL […]

Unemployment rises unexpectedly

Norway’ state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) had some more sobering economic news this week, when it announced that its calculations showed a rise in the country’s unemployment rate. An additional 17,000 people joined the ranks of the unemployed in July, bringing the total number of those without jobs to 109,000. That amounts to 3.8 […]

Immigrant jobless rate declines

The unemployment rate for immigrants in Norway declined last month, but remains three times as high as for Norwegians. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) put it at 5.9 percent, compared to just 1.7 percent for the rest of the population. News bureau NTB reported that overall unemployment declined by 0.3 percentage points from the […]

Jøtul moving production to Poland

Jøtul, which has been making wood-burning Norwegian stoves and ovens for years, is laying off around 100 employees in Norway and another 70 in Denmark. They’ll be replaced by much cheaper workers in Poland. “We’ve been through many years of considerable losses and imposed a series of measures to generate positive results,” Jøtul chief Nils […]

Unemployment keeps falling

The number of Norwegians officially unemployed has fallen by another 20,000 during the past 12 months. That brought Norway’s jobless rate down to just 3.7 percent, according to new numbers from the labour survey AKU (Arbeidskraftundersøkelsen). State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reported that the jobless number fell by 7,000 people from January 1 to […]

Technology cuts jobs at Telenor

Norway’s newly expanded conservative government is still promoting job creation and rapid digitalization of Norwegian society, but in many cases the two are distinctly at odds. Employees at state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor are the latest casualty. Telenor recently announced record-high financial results for 2017 and dividends that will amount to more than NOK 12 billion […]

Nordea to cut jobs in Norway, too

Nordic finance and banking group Nordea’s decision to cut as many as 6,000 jobs is likely to lead to job losses in Norway as well as in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The exact number remained unclear Thursday, after Nordea announced that many of its employees will need to find something else to do. “There will […]

Telenor lays off another 79 workers

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor is cutting back again, this time at divisions in Gjøvik and at company headquarters at Fornebu, west of Oslo. The goal is to cut costs and make operations more efficient. The company announced this week that its “Fixed & TV” division in Gjøvik will be shut down, with a loss of […]

Telenor cuts more staffing

Management at Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor plans to shut down another customer service center, since fewer customers ring in for help. The center on the block is located in Harstad, northern Norway, where 82 employees stand to lose their jobs. The shutdown proposal is due to be considered by Telenor’s board on October 17. Employees […]