Group to re-erect ‘Trollpikken’

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An appalled but enthusiastic group of activists is determined that their local landmark, a stone formation called “Trollpikken” that resembled an erect penis, will rise again. Police are searching, meanwhile, for whoever literally cut it off over the weekend, with the culprits facing six years in prison for environmental vandalism if caught.

Supporters of the unusual Norwegian rock formation known as Trollpikken were already raising money to re-erect it after vandals struck during the weekend. PHOTO: Trollpikken

Reaction has been swift after a group of joggers found the tourist attraction in Eigersund, south of Stavanger, badly damaged on Saturday morning. Kjetil Bentsen, who’s been leading efforts to make Trollpikken a more popular tourist attraction in the hills of Norway’s southwest coast, told local newspaper Dalane Tidende that “someone” drilled holes into its base “and cut off the whole formation.”

Remnants including metal bolts were found left at the site, while Bentsen said there were several signs that clearly show how someone wanted to destroy Trollpikken. Its name has been roughly translated by its supporters to “The Troll Cock.”

“This is terribly sad, and I’m appalled that someone could do something like this,” Bentsen said.

Here’s what was left of Trollpikken after the unusual rock formation was vandalized. PHOTO: Trollpikken

Both the chief of the regional tourism promotion organization Destination Stavanger and local police have been working to attract more attention to Trollpikken, in competition with other unusual rock formations in the area including Trolltunga and Kjeragbolten. Police and local officials have been concerned about the crowds of poorly prepared tourists who attempt the hike to Trolltunga especially, and hoped to divert some of them to the lesser-known Trollpikken that involves a much easier hike. Trollpikken could also provide an alternative to Preikestolen, yet another tourist magnet not far from Stavanger that can be extremely overcrowded during the summer months.

Police were launching an investigation, confirmed Magnar Sandstøl, acting chief of the Eigersund police station. Tor Helge Stavik of the Sør-Vest Police District that covers the entire southwest region of Norway told TV2 that “this type of violation of the law carries potential punishment of up to six years in prison.

This is what Trollpikken, a popular local hiking destination in Eigersund,  looked like before it was cut down sometime late Friday night. PHOTO: Trollpikken

A local building contractor told TV2 it was no problem to re-erect the landmark. “Folks have been saying it’s destroyed forever but that’s not true,” said Sverre Garpestad of the firm Bertelsen & Garpestad. He claimed it would be “a simple job” to fasten the stone back into place by drilling bolts and injecting a special form of mortar into “tunnels” that would secure it. “The work can be done in an hour if we use a helicopter,” Garpestad said.

The Trollpikken enthusiasts quickly launched a fundraising effort and had already raised more NOK 74,583 from 424 donors by early Sunday morning. A local sporting goods store had pledged NOK 10,000 and was urging others to follow suit. A local geologist was calling for price estimates for the repair job and doesn’t think Trollpikken will lose its value as a tourist attraction. If anything, all the fuss over the vandalism has given rise to enormous publicity.

That prompted some pundits, who were having fun with the story in the Norwegian media, to comment that Trollpikken was probably in safe hands. “Absolutely,” claimed Garpestad. “We have the Viagra that’s needed.” Berglund

  • John Palmer

    I was going to suggest Viagra but I see that Garpestad beat me to it. I suppose you could find a double entendre in beat it, or has it in safe hands. Oh, my! So reattach that penis!

    • Joe Hurt

      and change the name to John W. Bobbitt mountain while you’re at it .. . .

  • richard albert

    I hope the cops catch those pricks!

  • Cackling Cankles

    This vandalism must hit the locals hard.

    • Theospeak1

      There is stiff opposition

      • Cackling Cankles

        It will be a delicate operation, a procedure called Adadicktome.

  • Rob Libscam

    I’m sure the gays loved it.

  • Omen55

    I wonder if those responsible belong to a certain religion?

    • richard albert

      Yes, they are Omphalopsychites. They are piqued because trolls have no navels to contemplate. Trolls are not born like ‘humans’. The mother and father poop on a rock, and the sun hatches it. That is why the surplus troll population has been forced to seek employment on ferry landings, outside tourist-traps, and in parliament. But, because they lack a pupik, certain elements in society feel that their method of reproduction obviates the necessity of overt genitalia. (Are we all following this?) So, if you don’t need it, loose it. Love Ya!

  • RockDad Rice

    Damn feminist ..

  • Pete

    Jealous wife?

  • Ed Wood

    Looks like a gender reassignment to me….

  • TheBruce

    Those vandals are a bunch of dicks.

  • T S the Deplorable

    They committed no crime! The mountain identifies as female, and they were just releasing it from the misery of having male genitalia.

  • Vox Veritas

    Was this an ‘impotent’ landmark?

  • Richard French

    Really? It’s a stupid rock.

    • richard albert

      Please list the intelligent rocks from one to two. And don’t say ‘Kiss’. 😉

  • Noodle

    Wouldn’t repairing it be offensive to the transgender community?

  • Karl Sierka

    Maybe they should build a “Hardon Rock Cafe” or a “Morning Wood Motel” nearby?

  • Theospeak1

    Broken off like that the repair will experience mounting difficulty.

  • Ernie Paulson

    Well, that’s very unique, or is it eunuch. But seriously, this is a hard question whether or not to re-erect. Now is not the time to go soft on making this decision. We must remain diligent in this endeavor and not go off half-cocked. Only history will tell the full thrust of our efforts today, coming together into the ultimate climax of this environmental art form.

  • Jane Russell

    Someone was just symbolizing the emasculation of Western Europe.

  • Dyllin Barnett-Lozano

    It was a pubic landmark

  • william readling

    Had to be feminist lesbian troll-haters! Damn them!

  • Tooter Turtle

    Lorena now we know where you have gone!

  • Roy Everson

    “So I looked around and I noticed there wasn’t a chair.” Come to think of it that wasn’t all that wasn’t there! Only place in the world where Norwegian woodies are made of stone. (w/apologies to Lennon & McCartney)

  • richard albert

    Dick Tracy, where are you now that we need you!?

  • Karl Reimers

    Look for a man with a small penis! I read many Hardy Boys mysteries.

  • richard albert

    This is so rich. Post an item on say, child abuse and get two – perhaps three lukewarm comments. Report on a case of phallic vandalism and all the cocky punsters (I was one of the first) queue up to comment. Which brings us to the question: do you key-pound your comments, or do you use Siri to take dicktation?

  • richard albert

    Oh; come now…

  • richard albert

    Any particular politician in mind?

  • richard albert

    How do we know that they were not hermaphrodites? Ambiguous, conflicted, jealous.
    Whoa! My shrink, who reads this blog, just sent me a text – “Contact me before you make a bigger fool of yourself!” (Signed) Dr Pina Senvy.

  • richard albert

    Spot on. Hi-Five!

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  • richard albert

    Oh, cut it out!

  • richard albert

    Norwegian proverb:
    Det som vokser på en mann blir større på en hane.