Telenor selling historic old headquarters

Telenor's old Telegrafbygning opened in 1924 at Kongens gate 21, across the street from the Steen & Strøm department store building. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Troubled Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor has moved far from its roots as Norway’s public telephone and telegraph utility. Now it’s severing more of them, after deciding to sell the historic building in Oslo where much of its operations began, the iconic Telegrafbygningen. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported that Telenor, currently caught up in corruption allegations at […]

State ownership falls under scrutiny

A recent rash of corruption allegations involving several Norwegian corporations that are partly state-owned has caught the attention of Norway’s State Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen). Now the watchdog agency is launching an inquiry to take a closer look at how the government conducts its business as a shareholder. Reports of alleged bribery at companies like Telenor and Yara have been a […]

Oil workers’ union lobbies for work

Oil Minister Tord Lien addressed an oil workers' rally in Stavanger last week, but couldn't offer much more help than the government already has. Lien says it's up to the oil companies themselves to decide on investment and activity levels, including whether to plug oil wells. PHOTO: Olje- og energi departementet

In the midst of the Norwegian oil industry’s major downturn, one of the country’s major labour organizations is lobbying the state hard to pump up more work to preserve jobs. Some of it actually includes permanently plugging oil wells, but Oil Minister Tord Lien resists the idea and says oil companies need to make those kinds of decisions themselves. […]

More media cuts as ‘Dagbladet’ slices jobs

Norwegian media outlets have been hit by another round of cutbacks lately, with newspaper Dagbladet the latest to announce more job losses. The situation was described as “critical” for several publications. New budget cuts at Aller Media, which owns Dagbladet, mean that 39 employees at the newspaper will lose their jobs. The cuts come on […]

Tesla announces recall of its popular Model S

The California-based electric car producer Tesla Motors announced on Friday that it was recalling 90,000 of its Model S sedans. Several thousand of them are in Norway, which long has been one of Tesla’s biggest markets. Tesla said the worldwide recall was aimed at checking for possible defects in the assembly of its front seat […]

Telenor defends its new chief executive

PHOTO: Telenor

Embattled Norwegian company Telenor, already caught up in bribery allegations, has now had to defend its new chief executive who’s supposed to be cleaning up after the corruption case. CEO Sigve Brekke also defends himself, but admits he can understand why questions are flying over his embellished educational credentials. “I have never lied about my education,” […]

Mining company declares bankruptcy

The Sydvaranger mine east of Kirkenes has been a major employer in the area but now claims its on the verge of bankruptcy. PHOTO:

As many as 400 people lost their jobs in Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark on Wednesday, after Sydvaranger Gruve AS announced that it was filing for bankruptcy. The mining company based in Kirkenes has been one of the biggest employers in the area, which also is currently struggling to accommodate thousands of asylum seekers coming over […]

State budget talks extend into overtime

Negotiations between the government and its two support parties continued on Wednesday, well past the deadline set last Friday and forcing postponement of any budget debate with opposition parties on the floor of Parliament. The ongoing talks between the Conservatives’ and the Progress Party’s minority government coalition and the Christian Democrats and Liberals were also […]

Oil workers rally for more support

The plaza adjacent to the Oil Museum in Stavanger was chosen as the site for a labour rally Wednesday evening, to drum up support for the oil industry. PHOTO: Berglund

Norway’s Oil Museum in Stavanger was chosen as the site on Wednesday for a major politial demonstration mounted by nine labour organizations and their members, to rally more support for the oil industry. Oil & Energy Minister Tord Lien was expected to attend and face claims that he and the government aren’t doing enough to […]

Parliament sets Telenor inquiry

Martin Kolberg, a Labour Party veteran who heads the parliament's supervisory committee, has been furious that Telenor officials earlier withheld information about how they handled the corruption allegations around Telenor's partly owned VimpelCom Ltd. Now he and his fellow committee members are holding another hearing, and have summoned 14 current and former Telenor officials for questioning, along with three current and former trade ministers. The government is Telenor's biggest shareholder with a 54 percent stake, which is why the committee has become involved. PHOTO: Arbeiderpartiet

The Norwegian Parliament’s supervisory committee plans to grill three current and former government trade ministers and no less than 14 people who have served in top positions at state-controlled Telenor. They’ve all been summoned to a hearing just before the Christmas recess, with politicians probing how they handled corruption suspicions that already have sullied Telenor’s reputation. Both the current and […]