Telenor boss targets Svendsen

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Tuesday that the chief executive of Telenor, Sigve Brekke, has tried to squeeze out the company’s lone woman in top management, Berit Svendsen. Several sources told NRK that Svendsen is now fighting to hang on to her post as head of Telenor’s Scandinavian operations. Svendsen, age 55, was a top […]

Oil industry faces labour shortage

The rapid recovery of Norway’s oil industry is suddenly leaving some offshore oil and oil service companies short of workers. State welfare and employment agency NAV reports that a labour shortage is beginning to resurface in several sectors, with the decline in unemployment greatest among engineers and information technology experts. Unemployment in Rogaland County on […]

‘Øya’ festival struck harmony with fund

Hopes for strength and a more harmonic future were largely behind the decision by leaders of Norway’s largest music festival, “Øya,” to let a large US investment fund take it over. The acquisition offers more proof that festivals have become big business. News of the acquisition was released just as Øya was opening for its […]

Weaker ‘krone’ due to strengthen

Norway’s krone has been losing value against the US dollar during the past week, at odds with predictions earlier this summer. Analysts now blame uncertainty generated by US President Donald Trump’s trade wars, a stronger dollar and the summer holidays. One US dollar cost NOK 8.23 on Wednesday afternoon, compared to just NOK 6 and […]

Government rejects more farm crisis aid

Agriculture Minister Jon Georg Dale has turned down farmers’ demands for more crisis aid after this summer’s drought, at least for now. The farmers aren’t the only ones hollering for help either, with horse stables and golf courses facing destruction and financial losses, too. Dale and Prime Minister Erna Solberg responded once again to the […]

Researchers may boost battery capacity

Norwegian researchers believe they have cracked a code that can give electric cars, mobile telephones, electronic tablets and other technology much higher batter capacity. “You can say that we found the X-factor we were looking for,” Arve Holt, research director at Norway’s Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) wrote in a press release. “This can have […]

Tesla flies in repair crews

Business has still been booming for Tesla electric cars in Norway, with the California-based carmaker registering 3,141 new cars in Norway during the first half of this year, according to state motor vehicle authorities. That’s up 85 percent over the same period last year, but problems with many Tesla cars in Norway have forced the […]

Equinor poised for ‘extreme’ profits

Massive cost-cutting in recent years and rising oil prices can lead to “extreme profitability” for Equinor, Norway’s state-controlled oil and energy firm that recently changed its name from Statoil. One Oslo analyst thinks the company can earn more money during the next two years than it has in the last 17 together. “Equinor has spent […]

Norway tops new prosperity survey

Norway has done a “remarkable” job converting its national wealth into widespread prosperity for its residents, according to the latest Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA) conducted by the international Boston Consulting Group. Norway tops SEDA’s ranking of 152 countries. The SEDA survey measures how wealth is used to improve well-being in each individual country. Data […]

Farmers appeal to Solberg for help

Apparently not satisfied with the public assistance already offered by Norway’s agriculture minister, the country’s two largest farming organizations have now “invited” Prime Minister Erna Solberg to visit farms stricken by the recent drought. They want her to see their “crisis” first-hand herself. “Many of our members are now in despair,” said Lars Petter Bartnes, […]