SAS cancels more long-haul flights

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) hopes to avoid permanent grounding after this weekend. PHOTO: SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) said Friday it was forced to cancel five intercontinental flights over the upcoming long holiday weekend because of a strike by one of its pilot unions in Norway. SAS’ other pilot unions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark settled on new contracts so most other SAS routes are operating as normal, at least for now. […]

Norway still negotiating funding for EU

Negotiations over the price Norway pays to win access to EU markets, since it’s not a member of the EU, are running into more than a year of overtime. Now Norway’s government minister in charge of EU issues, Vidar Helgesen, reportedly is offering nearly another NOK 800 million (USD 106 million) but it still doesn’t […]

New pilots’ strike hits SAS flights

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) reports a double-digit increase in passengers as does rival Norwegian. PHOTO: Oslo Lufthavn

LATEST UPDATES: One of the Norwegian pilots’ unions at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) broke off negotiations on a new contract early Thursday morning, launching the first phase of a strike that initially would affect some intercontinental flights. More flights will be grounded if no negotiations resume over the next few days, but Swedish pilots came to terms with SAS later […]

Job cuts spread to Rolls-Royce maritime

Rolls-Royce’s maritime division was holding information meetings for employees this week, as its Norwegian operations in Sunnmøre and Hordaland plan staff cuts. They’ll be the latest round of layoffs to hit Norway since oil prices cut in half last year and an economic slowdown began. News bureau NTB reported that around 200 jobs will disappear […]

Analyst predicts ‘new oil age’

Statoil's new oil discovery is located just north of the Grane Field pictured here. PHOTO: Statoil/Øyvind Hagen

Finally some good news for Norway’s suddenly hard-pressed oil industry: A top energy analyst told a packed conference in Stavanger this week that he thinks the downturn will itself turn around later this year. “A new oil age” will arrive, declared Jarand Rystad. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) described Rystad as one of the world’s most acclaimed […]

Leasing decline reflects slowdown

Important commercial centers in Oslo and west to Bærum and Asker are seeing more vacant office buildings and a decline in leasing rates. That's a "good indicator" of an economic slowdown, says one economist, while top state officials still aren't overly concerned. PHOTO:

Vacancy rates are rising and leasing rates falling in the commercial real estate market in and around Oslo, with experts claiming that’s an early warning of tougher times ahead. Neither the governor of Norway’s central bank nor the country’s finance minister are overly concerned about an economic slowdown, but others claim it’s now being felt nationwide. Office vacancy rates […]

Swedes and other job migrants head home

Figures released by state statistics bureau SSB on Tuesday confirm a major decline in labour migration to Norway during the first three months of this year. The number of people moving to Norway from Sweden, Poland and Lithuania, in the hopes of finding work, has fallen as much as 60 percent. Immigrants already in Norway are […]

Fewer Norwegians join labour unions


A new survey conducted by two of Norway’s major labour research institutions shows that fewer workers are joining labour unions. Only 37 percent of those working in the private sector were organized in 2013, an unusually low level in a social welfare state with strong labour traditions. Newspaper Dagsavisen reported that the survey by research foundation Fafo and […]

Farmers mostly agree to state aid

Norwegian farmers are expected to refrain from noisy and messy demonstrations this year after agreeing to a settlement in which the state more than tripled its counteroffer. PHOTO: Landbruks- og matdepartementet

UPDATED: Norway’s largest farmers’ lobby has agreed to accept a sweetened support and subsidy offer from the state, while a smaller farmers’ organization was holding out for more money. It remained unlikely that they’d get any. The conservative government coalition, which has been trying to wean farmers away from relying on protectionism and the state treasury, […]

Subsea 7 layoffs came despite new contract

Last Friday the Norwegian division of the offshore firm Subsea 7 won a contract worth NOK 2.2 billion (USD 300 million) for work on the Maria oil and gas field in the Norwegian Sea. That wasn’t enough to prevent Subsea 7 from announcing on Tuesday that it would need to lay off 190 workers in […]