Travelers can avoid tax-free temptations

Norway’s state airport authority Avinor has bowed to criticism and decided to redesign its airports’ international terminals around the country, so that airline travelers won’t be funneled straight into tax-free shopping areas. “We stand corrected,” Dag Falk-Petersen, head of Avinor, told newspaper Aftenposten on Friday. “Landing in Norway and then right into a liquor store […]

Statoil held off hacker attack

Statoil is still doing well, despite lower oil prices. PHOTO: Statoil/Harald Pettersen

Norwegian state oil company Statoil claims it “has control” over what Norwegian national security authorities are calling the biggest targeted cyber attack on local companies ever. Statoil now confirms it also was the target of a “massive and advanced” attack by hackers last year that went on for three days. “It’s a big, bad world out […]

Strike looms in retail sector

More than 200 employees at 48 various retail shops around Norway may be called out on strike this weekend if their union, Handel og Kontor, fails to reach a new pay agreement with a retail division of employers’ organization NHO. Most unionized store employees in Norway work for members of another employers organization, Virke. NHO, best known […]

Car-sharing steps on the gas

Increasing numbers of Norwegians in urban areas are opting to join car-sharing programs instead of owning cars themselves. Norway stands to become a world leader in car sharing, say its advocates, given the country’s high car costs and a chronic lack of parking. A report from Norway’s Transport Economics Institute noted that a car shared by several […]

Construction industry fights ‘mafia’ operations

Norway’s construction industry has banded together in a bid to fend off what its officials call “mafia operations” that evade taxes and engage in social dumping. Building firms propose establishing a central register to ensure that subcontractors have their affairs and those of their workers in order. The register would include everything from taxes paid […]

Oil industry under attack by hackers

Statoil's CEO Helge Lund said the "Snorre" field in the North Sea stands to see its profitability cut by 30 percent if the tax hike on oil companies goes through. PHOTO: Statoil/Terje S Knudsen

UPDATED: State authorities are warning as many as 300 companies in the country’s major oil and energy industries this week that they’re the targets of the largest coordinated hacker attack ever registered in Norway. Attacks have been confirmed on around 50 companies, including Statnett, and the authorities fear more are underway. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported on Wednesday that the state […]

Ministers meet to hash out budget

Siv Jensen, Erna Solberg

Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Finance Minister Siv Jensen gathered their government colleagues on Wednesday for a final round of negotiations, as they hammer out the first state budget of their new administration. Proposed tax cuts and debate over how much they should tap from the state’s burgeoning oil fund are among discussion topics that were high […]

Hafslund no longer blaming vandals for hot water leak

Oslo utility company Hafslund blamed vandals for a major leak in its hot water system on Tuesday but later had to retract its claim. Further inspection of the system revealed that vandals hadn’t clogged a key pipe after all, and the reason for the leak remained unclear. “We aren’t pleased that we’ve had two major leaks during […]

NHH opposes any merger with UiB

The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) has many proud students, faculty and, not least, alumni in powerful positions. They seem unlikely to go along with any plan to merge NHH with the University of Bergen. PHOTO: NHH

The University of Bergen (UiB) seems far more positive towards a potential merger with the Bergen-based Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) than NHH does. News of exploratory talks between the two proud institutions of higher education have drawn both frowns and support, while NHH students are firmly opposed. “We don’t want a merger with UiB,” Dina Mikalsen, […]

Oil players gather to tackle change

ONS Exhibition

Around 60,000 people tied to or challenging the oil industry were once again meeting in Stavanger, Norway’s west coast oil capital, for the Offshore Northern Seas conference and exhibition this week. The event has attracted more than a thousand companies from 100 different countries, along with royalty, government officials and Tesla founder Elon Musk, and this […]