Business schools win spots on new list

The Economist magazine has ranked master’s degree programs in management for the first time, and both of Norway’s major business schools won spots in the Top 40. Norwegian business school BI was ranked as best in the Nordic countries. News bureau NTB reported that the Bergen-based business school NHH (Norges Handels Høyskole) also did well, ranking […]

Postal service’s service breaks down

Norway’s postal service (Posten Norge) has been the subject of lots of customer irritation in recent months, following the closure of post offices, rising postal rates and declining service, episodes of slow delivery or no delivery at all. On Friday the postal outlets now set up in local grocery stores to replace closed post offices, were […]

‘Wonderboy’ set to log huge gain

Jo Lunder, once dubbed the “wonderboy” of Telenor who later was arrrested on corruption charges, may still live up to his nickname. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that Lunder is set to profit handsomely from his brief tenure at the Norwegian tech firm Evry. Lunder spent just eight months serving as Evry’s chairman in 2015, from March […]

Expert warns of hazards in China

A Norwegian expert on digital security is worried about all the Norwegian business owners and executives now heading for China after diplomatic relations have resumed. Jack Fischer Eriksen warns about the risk of espionage and hacking, if security is overlooked in Norwegians’ zeal to strike new business deals. Norway’s largest business delegation ever was in […]

Norwegian ministers stream to China

“I love China!” exclaimed Norway’s fisheries minister Per Sandberg after landing in Beijing this week. He’s leading a large delegation of Norwegian seafood exporters who see enormous potential in the Chinese market, and are overlooking human rights issues after a six-year diplomatic freeze finally thawed this winter. China may love Norway too, as long as […]

Farmers bring their fight to Parliament

Around 3,000 farmers marched through the streets of Oslo and then assembled in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, to once again demand more state money to boost their incomes. They want subsidies and protection worth another NOK 1.5 billion (USD 181 million), to boost their pay by more than 9 percent. The pay fight […]

Population growth slows down

Oslo has been among the fastest-growing capitals in Europe for several years but now that growth rate, and the country’s itself, has slowed considerably. Much of it is a result of emigration and the falloff in refugee arrivals. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that Norway’s population grew by 8,829 people during the first […]

Greens vote to phase out oil industry

Members of Norway’s Greens party (Miljøpartiet De Grønne, MDG) voted at their national meeting over the weekend to work towards phasing out the country’s oil industry within 10 years. Oil Minister Terje Søviknes dismissed the move as “totally unrealistic” and “ridiculous.” Søviknes, from the conservative Progress Party (Fremskritts Partiet, FrP), went on to accuse the Greens […]

Farmers blocked grocery shipments

Norwegian farmers, angry that their state subsidy demands haven’t been met, set up blockades around wholesale food distribution centers all over the country on Friday morning. Grocery store chain Coop called the protest action “meaningless and ridiculous,” and warned that consumers would be hit the hardest. “The farmers are punishing the customers they live off of,” Bjørn […]

Farmers broke off subsidy talks again

Norway’s two major farm lobbying groups once again broke off negotiations with the state over how much subsidy and protection they should receive from taxpayers. They wanted a billion kroner more in financial support than the government was willing to give, while the government claims the farmers showed little willingness to reach an agreement. It […]