Shrimp shortage up north, plenty down south

Fishing boats that go after shrimp in Norway’s cold northern waters have been facing a shortage of the summer delicacy, while in southern Norway, the rekefisket (literally, shrimp fishing) is better than it has been in several years. “Now the shrimp are coming back,” Alf Ulland of the Ulland seafood terminal at Hidra in Vest-Agder told […]

Norway accused of discriminating against foreign North Sea divers

Oil industry divers who risked their lives in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea during the early days of Norway’s oil industry fought for years to win compensation for injuries they suffered. Claims filed by divers who weren’t Norwegian, however, have been consistently rejected because they weren’t members of Norway’s social welfare system, and now the […]

Statoil hit again by lower oil prices

Norway’s state oil company Statoil reported another decline in pre-tax profits on Tuesday, but not as steep as many analysts had predicted. Operating results were around NOK 10 billion less than they were in the second quarter of last year. The results were actually better than some analysts had expected, reported several Norwegian media outlets. Statoil […]

Protests fly over ‘wild camping’

Ticks have now been documented as far north as Lofoten, and at elevations of nearly 600 meters. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Norwegians are calling it “wild camping” this summer, to describe cases where tourists park their motor homes or set up tents in places where they can avoid fees and use facilities for free. Campers spotted in graveyards on scenic Lofoten have set off protests from residents and the tourist industry alike. “It’s downright audacious and utterly lacking […]

‘Natural end’ for ‘Lilyhammer’

US actor and musician Steven Van Zandt will be back on the air in Norway this week, when the second season of the hit show "Lilyhammer" premieres Wednesday evening. PHOTO: NRK

Streaming giant Netflix confirmed on Thursday that it won’t be involved in any more episodes of the popular TV series ‘Lilyhammer’ starring Steven Van Zandt. The series was produced and launched in Norway but later became an international hit. A Netflix spokesman confirmed to newspaper VG that the third and last season of the series, which starred […]

Storm blows over festival sponsors

As Norway’s summer music festival season reaches a crescendo, debate over their funding has hit a high note. Some artists have refused to be associated with various sponsors, and the festivals have been criticized for failing to be more selective and open about their financing. Newspaper Dagsavisen has run a series of articles about conflicts within the […]

Norway’s ‘krone’ caught in a storm

Norway's krone has been riding the waves of the most volatile summer in years. PHOTO:

UPDATED: Never before has Norway’s currency, the krone, had a more unstable summer, according to analysts in Oslo. It’s as unstable as the weather has been, rising and falling often in different directions against the euro and the US dollar, and it hasn’t been as weak as it is now for years. “The probability of […]

Norway strikes a new deal with EU

Vidar Helgesen (left), Norway's government minister responsible for European Economic Area (EEA/EØS) and EU Affairs has been spending a lot of time at the EU in Brussels, like here last month with Christos Stylianides in charge of Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management at the European Commission. Helgesen is also Chief of Staff at the Office of the Prime Minister. PHOTO: Utenriksdepartementet

After more than a year of negotiations in overtime, the Norwegian government has struck a new deal with the European Union (EU) to ensure Norwegian exports access to EU markets, especially fish and seafood. Officially, the deal is billed as Norway’s contribution towards boosting social and economic equality in Europe. “This is a very good agreement,” said Vidar Helgesen, the […]

Best summer ever for Hurtigruten

The Hurtigruten vessel "MS Richard With" is a sistership of the stricken "MS Nordlys," but hasn't been taken out of service. PHOTO: Hurtigruten

Norway’s iconic coastal shipping line Hurtigruten is sailing through what’s likely to become its best summer season ever this year. Rainy and chilly weather in much of the country isn’t dampening the stream of passengers coming on board, as a weaker krone and more local interest in home-turf holidays are drawing both foreign and Norwegian tourists alike. “The summer […]

Statoil postpones Åsgard project

Norwegian state oil company Statoil confirmed Thursday that it was postponing its Åsgard project, which involves placing a gas compressor on the seafloor instead of on the surface. The goal is to obtain greater and faster extraction. Newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad reported that operations were supposed to begin during the first half of the year but now […]