High-priced home sales doubled

This residential complex on Oslo's waterfront at Sørenga is among the new developments in Oslo, but there's huge, unfilled demand for more affordable housing. PHOTO: Views and News

The oil industry downturn still doesn’t seem to be having much effect on Norwegian housing prices in the most expensive categories. Brokerage firms report that sales of homes priced at more than NOK 10 million (USD 1.26 million) doubled during the first half of this year. Homes priced at NOK 10 million or more are no […]

‘Vendetta’ implied in oil field conflict

The oil field's partners still presented their development plans, and Oil Minister Tord Lien (left) remained triumphant over Johan Sverdrup's prospects. PHOTO: Ole Jørgen Bratland/Statoil

Norway’s huge new Johan Sverdrup oil field has been Oil Minister Tord Lien’s pride and joy in the midst of the country’s oil industry slowdown, but a quarrel among its partners over ownership stakes in the field forced him to step in to settle it. Now his ministry has doled out stakes that have sparked new complaints and even suggestions […]

Three convicted of human trafficking

Three members of a family charged in what’s been called Norway’s most extensive human trafficking case ever were sentenced to jail terms on Thursday that are even longer than what prosecutors sought. The jail terms of up to five-and-a-half years were interpreted as a sign of how severely the court in Drammen viewed the case. The […]

Government urged to forgive Greece

Bård Vegar Solhjell, Norway's minister of the environment, has a tough time getting other politicians at home to go along with major climate cuts. Now he has to get politicians from all over the world to do the same. PHOTO: Miljøverndepartement/Erik Aasheim

The head of Norway’s Socialist Left party (SV) is usually keen on imposing taxes to raise money for social welfare programs, but now its leader is urging the Norwegian government to forgive Greece for not having done the same. SV is a sister party of Greece’s ruling Syriza, and SV’s leader thinks Greece’s debt should be wiped […]

New Statoil chairman takes over


Øystein Løseth took over as the new leader of Statoil’s board of directors on Wednesday, and he’s no stranger to writedowns and cutting staff. His downsizing experience from his years at Swedish energy firm Vattenfall will likely come in handy as Statoil also goes through a major reduction program. Løseth joined Statoil’s board two weeks before […]

Oslo’s pricey beer confirmed

The latest survey from GoEuro, which compares a variety of prices around Europe for the benefit of travelers, has confirmed that going out for beers in Oslo is an expensive proposition. Norway’s capital has the fourth-highest beer prices not only in Europe, but in the world. GoEuro compared the prices of the five most commonly […]

Bishop says ‘no’ to Sunday shopping

The price of a basket of grocery items in Norway keep rising, and now the government is challenging the grocery store chains once again. PHOTO: Landbruks- og matdepartementet

Norway’s conservative government coalition has been facing strong opposition to its proposal to allow stores to open for shopping on Sundays, and now the country’s leading bishop has joined the chorus of critics. She claims that Sunday shopping even violates the spirit of the Norwegian Constitution. “Sunday is a holiday in our Christian and humanitarian […]

NRK and TV2 lose Olympic coverage

Marit Bjørgen did well at last year's Olympics in Vancouver and seems to be Norway's greatest hope for more gold at the World Championships. PHOTO: NRK/Views and News

Television coverage of the next two Winter- and Summer Olympics has become too expensive even for Norway’s two nationally licensed broadcasters NRK and TV2. After losing out in the bidding for Olympic broadcasting rights from 2018 to 2024, both commentators and the broadcasters themselves wondered whether they’ll ever be able to air Olympic events again. NRK is Norway’s state public […]

Traffic decline may halt airport plans

Oslo's main airport at Gardermoen has been under construction in connection with a major expansion project. It will continue, but other airport expansion plans may be grounded because of lower passenger numbers. PHOTO: Nordic Office of Architecture

For the first time in years, airline passenger traffic through Norwegian airports has logged a decline. The unexpected descent from sky-high levels is linked to the dive in oil prices and the subsequent slowdown in the Norwegian economy, and it may affect expansion plans at several Norwegian aiports. The major expansion currently underway at Norway’s […]

Norwegian Air heads for the Caribbean

Norwegian Air chief executive Bjørn Kjos says the airline will register its new aircraft in Ireland, in order to be able to hire Asian crews at Asian pay levels that will allow Norwegian to compete with Asian carriers. PHOTO: Norwegian Air

It may seem odd to fly on a Norwegian Air jet between Boston and Martinique, but that’s one of the new routes that Norway’s tireless airline entrepreneur Bjørn Kjos aims to start offering North American passengers. Undaunted by a recent pilots’ strike, a new rash of trouble on its long-haul service and regulatory uncertainty, Kjos is […]