Coach upbeat despite humiliating loss

Norway’s national football team was badly beaten when it resumed its bid for the European Championships in a match against Croatia over the weekend. The Norwegians lost by a humiliating 5-1, but their coach was upbeat. “We will take with us some positive things from the match,” head coach Per-Mathias Høgmo told reporters when it was […]

Criticism flies over failed Olympic bid

Børre Rognlien (left), Oslo city government leader Stian Berger Røsland and the city's culture and sports minister Halstein Bjercke kept pushing for Oslo2022 despite public criticism. Not pictured: Athletics boss Inge Andersen. PHOTO: Kulturdepartementet

Norwegian sports and city officials did a bad job of fronting their failed bid to host the Winter Olympics in 2022 and have themselves to blame for its lack of public support, according to a new report on the expensive Olympic project. The report suggests that the country’s powerful athletic lobby also needs to become more professional […]

World Cup victories pay off


Norway’s star skiers earned more than pride and glory when they won the World Cup in their designated fields after a highly successful season. They can also deposit millions into their bank accounts. Alpine champion Kjetil Jansrud was the latest to grasp a crystal World Cup and more monetary winnings when he swooped down the mountainside […]

Celebrities shone as ‘birkebeiners’

Crown Prince Haakon

Crown Prince Haakon was among the locally well-known Norwegians to complete the tough Birkebeiner ski race over the weekend, along with former Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and violinist Arve Tellefsen. The crown prince, age 41, skied the 54-kilometer (32-mile) course in what sports commentators called an “impressive” three hours, 36 minutes and 12 seconds. […]

Birkebeiner film races to a finish

The original Birkebeiners, depicted here in Knud Bergslien's iconic painting "Birkebeinerne" from 1869, carried an infant king over the mountains from Lillehammer to Østerdalen in 1206. On Saturday, around 13,000 modern ski racers go in the opposite direction. PHOTO: Wikipedia Commons

Around 13,000 avid skiers were crossing the mountains of eastern Norway over the weekend in the annual Birkebeiner ski race, inspired by the original fast-skiing “Birkebeiner” insurgents of the 12th and 13th centuries. Now the latter are about to be immortalized in a new film based on their legendary rescue of an infant destined to become King Håkon […]

Dogsled champ hailed as ‘perfect’

Sigrid Ekran crossing the finish line of the Finnmark  dogsled race, and winning for the second year in a row. PHOTO: Finnmarksløpet 2015

Sigrid Ekran of Norway was being called “the perfect musher” after she outclassed all her competitors in last week’s grueling 1,100-kilometer dogsled race known as Finnmarksløpet.  It’s billed as the longest dogsled race in Europe and only for “the toughest of the tough.” Ekran was first to cross the finish line in Alta, back where […]

Polish fans ‘saved’ Holmenkollen party

People from Poland often make up a major portion of the crowd at ski jumping competitions at Holmenkollen in Oslo, like this one a few years ago. Now they're emerging as a political force as well. PHOTO: Views and News

Most of the cheering at the annual World Cup ski jumping competition at Holmenkollen in Oslo on Sunday came once again from enthusiastic Polish ski jumping fans, not the Norwegians. The Poles made their presence in the arena known, but even a Polish jumper wondered why Norwegian fans were so outnumbered. “I was very disappointed,” Kamil […]

Sun shines again on Holmenkollen

The Holmenkollen Ski Jump has had a rough time since it was rebuilt five years ago, with heavy losses and declining attendance at its annual ski festival. Things were looking up this year as events were getting underway on Friday. ILLUSTRATION: Oslo kommune

Organizers of this year’s annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival were counting on sunny skies, appearances by victorious skiing celebrities and some new events to boost attendance this weekend. At least the weather forecast was good. Ticket sales were also showing a solid increase over the past few years, when the public all but abandoned what used to […]

Ski jumping pioneer retires

Anette Sagen

Ski jumper Anette Sagen, one of the most pioneering athletes in Norwegian history, has announced that she’s retiring from the sport she fought long and hard to take part in. Sagen will best be remembered for helping women break into the ranks of professional ski jumping. They’re still facing snubs, with many women furious over some advertisements for […]

Ski festival forced to drop vodka ads

Norway’s professional cross-country skiers have been racing through the season with ads plastered all over their uniforms, including one for a Russia vodka maker that’s a main sponsor of the international ski federation FIS. The ads did not please Norway’s strict public health directorate, which the local ski association claimed Tuesday has “threatened” it into […]