Northug’s legal problems worsen

Petter Northug

Norwegian skier Petter Northug, still facing prosecution for his drunk-driving spree last spring, now may need to spend even more time in court. His former management company is suing him for compensation after he pulled out of the three-year contract he signed with it last year. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Monday that the company, called […]

Solskjær ‘still has a chance’

Ole Gunnar Solskjær

The coaching career of Norway’s former football superstar Ole Gunnar Solskjær isn’t over, even though his tenure as head coach for Cardiff ended after less than a year this week. Many think he still has a good chance of landing a position at another top-league club, and that he probably won’t go “home” to Molde. […]

Thousands set to run in the Oslo Marathon

Around 25,000 people including at least one ambassador are set to take part in this weekend’s Oslo Marathon. Not everyone will be running the full 42 kilometers, though, with various distances offered to attract everyone from children (500 meters) to runners opting for a half-marathon. The main action gets underway on Saturday morning, with this year’s route winding through […]

Lemmings distract, sicken bird dogs

PHOTO: Statskog

It’s high season for bird hunting in the mountains, but the high scenic plateaus favoured by hunters are also full of the small, sometimes fierce critters called lemen (lemmings). Hunters’ dogs love to chase them, but it carries a risk. “Dogs who get hold of a lemming risk getting worms and can be infected with harepest (a […]

Boxer Brækhus made history


Norwegian boxing star Cecilia Brækhus made history over the weekend by winning her 26th professional match in a row against Ivana Habazin of Croatia in Denmark. Brækhus still can’t box in Norway, though, and there were other frustrations after her victory was secured. Brækhus, from a country where professional boxing is banned, has gone on […]

Police gave Northug special treatment

Police examine the wrecked Audi belonging to Norwegian skiing star Petter Northug, after it crashed through a rotary and into a guardrail early Sunday morning in Trondheim. Police suspect drunk driving was involved. PHOTO: Henrik Sundgård / NTB Scanpix

Disgraced Norwegian ski star Petter Northug, who crashed a sponsor’s expensive Audi during a drunken rampage last spring, is still awaiting his punishment but a new book shows that he already received special treatment from police right after his arrest. Northug, now gearing for a comeback on the ski trails this winter, reveals himself that he […]

Coach not scared by Norway’s loss

Norway lost its first qualifying match for the European Championships on Tuesday night, with mighty Italy blanking the Norwegians out by a score of 2-0. The loss was not unexpected, though, and national coach Per-Mathias Høgmo called the match “good training” for future qualifiers. “If you look at the team that started (the European qualifier […]

Grouse hunt set to be flying high

Grouse hang from the wall of a traditional cabin in the mountains of Norway. This year's hunt gets underway on September 10. PHOTO: Statskog

Bird hunters in Norway are looking forward to a good season this year, with state authorities reporting an increase in the white grouse (rype, or ptarmigan) population for the second year in a row. The hunt officially starts on Wednesday. Bird counts conducted by the state agency Statskog make for encouraging reading for the hunters. More […]

Carlsen’s decision stirs new debate

Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen’s decision on Sunday to defend his chess world championship title against Vishy Anand in Sochi, Russia in November wasn’t entirely well-received in Norway. Some say Carlsen conceded too much to the Russian power brokers behind the tournament, and has too much at stake, while others called it “a good day for chess.” After […]

Slimmed-down OL raises new gripes

Oslo will present the state government with a dramatically cut budget alternative for a Winter Olympics in 2022, but doesn't recommend it. PHOTO: Oslo2022/Snøhetta Oslo AS

Oslo’s Olympic committee unveiled details of their 11th-hour alternative plan for a slimmed-down Winter Olympics in 2022 on Thursday, cutting its budget by nearly a third. They hoped to generate more public support for an Olympics, but wound up fending off more opposition and don’t support the alternative themselves. The biggest cut involves dropping plans to build […]