‘Football lost its virtue’

News this week that five former football players and two others had been indicted for alleged match-fixing has prompted one leading commentator to claim that Norwegian football had now lost its virtue. “Charges aren’t a conviction, but someone has taken the virtue out of Norwegian football,” wrote Inge D Hanssen in newspaper Aftenposten. The seven are charged with […]

Svindal’s ski season shattered


Norway’s top alpine skier Aksel Lund Svindal suddenly saw his upcoming professional skiing season literally torn apart over the weekend, after he tore is Achilles tendon during a pre-season training session. The affable Svindal kept smiling, though, even after surgery and learning that there was no way he’d be able to ski in the World Championships in […]

Hushovd defends staying silent

PHOTO: Vidar Ruud / NTB Scanpix

Thor Hushovd has been a Norwegian hero for years, but found himself having to fend off criticism from many fronts on Thursday over his decision to stay silent about fellow cyclist Lance Armstrong’s doping. Others claimed Hushovd was “probably afraid” to take on Armstrong and the doping problem that has tarnished his sport. “No, should I take […]

Chess Olympiad forced into bankruptcy

Norway’s Chess Olympiad, which played out in the northern city of Tromsø last August, faced several problems including legal challenges from the international chess federation, a rowdy federation election and the deaths of two players, apparently from stress. Norwegian Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen didn’t perform well, either, and now the organization behind the event is being […]

Olympic booster calls it quits

Børre Rognlien  PHOTO: Idrettsforbundet

Børre Rognlien, president of Norway’s national athletics federation and the Norwegian Olympic Committee, says he won’t stand for re-election when his term ends next year. Not only did his effort to mount a Winter Olympics in Oslo fail, but he also received death threats for trying. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that Rognlien, age 69, said he […]

‘Thor should have revealed doping’

Hushovd's new book went on sale in Norway this week. PHOTO: Schibsted Forlag

Norway’s newly retired world champion cyclist Thor Hushovd was being roundly criticized Wednesday night for failing to reveal that his former friend and rival Lance Armstrong had engaged in doping. Armstrong admitted the doping to Hushovd in 2011, long before Armstrong famously went public with his doping history to American talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. “We think […]

Norway’s football hopes skyrocket

After not winning much at all during the past year, Norway’s men’s national football team ended up logging two victories in its first two matches in the qualification rounds for the European Championships. Its victory over Bulgaria was critical, with fans’ hopes soaring that their lads just may make it into Euro 2016. Norway beat […]

King was the king of national football match

Norwegian football player Joshua King was still being lauded on Monday after scoring two goals, assisting in another goal and playing “strong in all situations,” when Norway’s national football team met Malta’s on the Mediterranean nation’s home turf Friday night. The Norwegians won 3-0 and were hoping for another win over Bulgaria back home in Oslo […]

‘Ashamed’ skier sentenced to jail

Petter Northug has caught lots of criticism over his antics at the finish line of Friday's men's relay. PHOTO: Stian Broch/Oslo 2011

Norway’s champion skier Petter Northug was ordered to spend 50 days in jail and fined NOK 185,000 after he confessed in court on Thursday to all charges tied to his drunk-driving spree in Trondheim last spring. His full confession helped win him less jail time than prosecutors had demanded. “It’s been a tough day,” Northug told reporters after his court […]

Molde still merry after winning league championship

Coaches, players and fans of Molde Football Club were wiping away tears of joy after winning their second league championship in a row over the weekend. Their 2-1 victory over Viking of Stavanger clinched the title and jubilation set in. “This is great, greater than I would have thought,” Molde’s head coach, Tor Ole Skullerud, told […]