US rejects Norway for airport preclearance

Airline passengers traveling from Norway to the US won’t be able to benefit from a “preclearance” program that simplifies passport control into the US. Norwegian officials are still trying to arrange for it, but they’re foiled by the lack of US-based airlines flying routes from Oslo. Newspaper Aftenposten reports that Avinor, Norway’s airport authority, still […]

Norwegian Air wins US flight rights

UPDATED: After years of delays and opposition, US authorities finally granted permanent and full permission during the weekend for Oslo-based Norwegian Air to operate as a foreign flag carrier in the US. The US Department of Transportation granted the permission to the airline’s British subsidiary, called Norwegian UK, and by midday on Monday, Norwegian’s stock […]

Thousands stranded after SAS cancelled flights

Tens of thousands of SAS passengers on flights in and out of Norway had their travel plans disrupted Thursday morning, after SAS cancelled around 100 flights because of a threatened escalation of a pilots’ strike. The strike was called off at 4am, but SAS officials claimed Thursday they’d had no choie but to prepare for the worst, and were […]

SAS pilots agree to call off their strike

Flights at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) were due to start taking off again in Norway by mid-afternoon on Thursday, after disgruntled Norwegian pilots finally agreed to a new contract with the airline’s management. A state mediator announced the breakthrough after marathon talks through the night, but the pilots still aren’t completely satisfied. “We did win acceptance […]

SAS strike mediation goes into overtime

UPDATED: The chief executive of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) traveled to Oslo on Wednesday in a last-ditch effort to ward off a pilots’ strike that already has cancelled 100 SAS flights in and out of Norway on Thursday. The pilots, after being contacted by SAS management, then headed back into a new round of mediation Wednesday afternoon, but a midnight […]

Pilots now warn of a ‘long’ strike against SAS

There’s been no further contact between disgruntled pilots and management at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in Norway since the pilots declared a strike from Thursday. More than 550 of them threaten to walk off the job, and now the pilots claim the strike will be lengthy. Norwegian media reports described relations between the two as “ice cold,” and both […]

‘Strike shock’ from SAS pilots in Norway

UPDATED: Two Norwegian labour unions representing pilots for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) in Norway announced a “strike shock” on Monday, even though their colleagues in both Sweden and Denmark have agreed on new contracts. After first saying only two pilots would be called off the job, the unions are now threatening to order all of their Norwegian members to strike from Thursday. […]

SAS pilots still threaten to strike

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) could finally report some much better financial results this week, but the long-struggling carrier and its passengers still face massive disruption next week. SAS’ Danish and Norwegian pilots aren’t backing down on their demands for pay raises, more time off and, it’s claimed, more influence over how the airline is run. SAS’ […]

Norwegian Air ‘preferred blondes’

Norwegian Air, home-based in a country that prides itself on equality, has raised a new flap over the casting call for a new commercial shot in Los Angeles last spring. The casting company for Norwegian plainly stated that it was seeking “20-something tourist girls, preferably blond” along with a “20-27 year old quintessential Scandinavian woman.” Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported […]

Frustration fuels SAS strike threat

Pilots at Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) haven’t been able to negotiate the airline’s controversial plans to hire and base new pilots, at lower wages and benefits, in England and Spain. They’ve thus resorted to raising old demands, like getting more weekends off, and are warning they’ll walk off the job if their demands aren’t met. The prospect of another major […]