Technical trouble rams Norwegian Air at OSL

Problems with Norwegian Air’s automated check-in machines at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen were causing long lines and lengthy delays for passengers on Thursday morning. Everyone checking bags had to do it manually, and wait in line for up to an hour. “There are considerable queues when many passenger have to check in manually,” airport […]

Norwegian Air still faces a battle in US

Members of the US Congress on both sides of the aisle are not quietly accepting a US Department of Transportation (DOT) decision that finally grants traffic rights to Oslo-based Norwegian Air’s Irish subsidiary. Opponents claim Norwegian’s expansion in the US market will cost American and European jobs, while Norwegian Air claims it will create more of them. “This is a […]

Airline offers flights to Northern Lights

Norwegian airline Widerøe’s trademark green aircraft are nearly the same colour at their latest unusual tourist destination: the Northern Lights. Flights to see the Northern Lights, from high above any clouds that can impede viewing from the ground, are the latest in a string of efforts to generate growth for the venerable airline and help it stay competitive. […]

Swedes plan more Oslo train routes

SJ, Sweden’s state-owned railway, plans to nearly double its number of trains currently running between Stockholm and Oslo. The goal, backed by strong demand, is to attract more passengers who would otherwise fly between the two Scandinavian capitals. It couldn’t hurt that popular Norwegian singer Lars Lillo-Stenberg, back performing after suffering a heart attack early last summer, […]

Rygge airport quiet after last take-off

Moss Lufthavn Rygge sent off its last commercial flight Saturday night and the airport is now officially closed after great turbulence during the past year. As employees and airport officials gathered to mourn the loss of their workplace, others are still working to re-launch civilian aviation operations against heavy odds. The last flight from Rygge, a […]

Norway and Sweden cut stakes in SAS

The Norwegian and Swedish governments announced the sale on Thursday of a total of 23 million shares in Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), reducing their ownership stakes to a point where SAS no longer can be considered state-owned. Denmark, however, hasn’t cut its stake. The sales cut Norway’s stake in SAS to 11.5 percent, from 14.2 percent, […]

Norwegian Air cancels flights again

Norway’s autumn holiday week got off to a bad start for those hoping to take off with Norwegian Air over the weekend. The airline cancelled four flights on Saturday to two of holidaymakers’ most popular destinations, Alicante and Malaga in Spain. The airline, which had a wave of cancellations right when the summer holidays were […]

Airlines also charge more for flights bought abroad

Both Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Air charge passengers on flights originating in the US more than they do on flights originating in Norway. The practice of “price optimalization” isn’t unique to the popular Norwegian shipping line Hurtigruten after all. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported last week how it can be much cheaper to buy Hurtigruten […]

Conflicts collide in passport queues

Hapless visitors to Norway and returning residents have become pawns in a conflict that’s reached the boiling point amongst police officers, their superiors and top political officials. At issue are funding and human resources for border patrol at Norway’s gateway airport, where arriving passengers have been facing excessively long waits for passport control. There were even threats […]

Still long lines at passport control

Long lines and delays for both arriving and departing international passengers at Norway’s gateway airport, OSL Gardermoen, have prompted Justice Minister Anders Anundsen to send in reinforcements. The police assigned to such border patrol duty, however, immediately complained that 14 new positions ordered by Anundsen over the weekend aren’t enough. “No, this won’t help when you see […]