Climate concerns don’t halt travel

Millions of Norwegians are officially off for Norway’s long five-day Easter holiday weekend that began on Thursday, with more than half of them out travelling within the country or heading abroad. There’s little sign they’re sacrificing holiday travel out of concern for the climate or the carbon emissions that flying and driving can generate. Oslo’s […]

Radar trouble halted flights

Airline traffic was getting back to normal on Friday afternoon after radar trouble severely disrupted it Friday morning, forcing the shutdown of all airspace over Western Norway. Flight delays were down to around 10 minutes by mid-afternoon on Friday and mostly eliminated by the end of the workday. “We found the error and worked on […]

SAS pilots warn they may go on strike

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) management claims they were “very surprised” when their pilots’ unions in Norway, Denmark and Sweden warned on Tuesday that they may go out on strike. Plans had called for more talks next week but now they’re heading into mediation. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported Tuesday afternoon that if mediation fails to settle […]

Costs pile up for Norwegian Air

With its large fleet of now-grounded Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Norwegian Air suddenly faces highly uncertain operations and more financial concerns in the months ahead. Securities analysts in Norway are worried about the airline’s market value and unforeseen costs that may amount to as much as NOK 15 million per day. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Norwegian Air grounds MAX jets

UPDATED: Troubled Norwegian Air reversed on Tuesday its initial decision announced Monday to keep its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets “flying as normal,” despite two deadly crashes in the past few months. Now the airline is immediately grounding all 18 MAX 8 jets, and apologizing to passengers. In a press release issued Tuesday […]

Norwegian initially kept MAX jets aloft

UPDATED: Oslo-based Norwegian Air faced more turbulence this week, after the latest deadly crash of a Boeing 737 MAX-8 jet that was similar to those in Norwegian’s fleet. The airline’s already-struggling share price took a dive on Monday and was still down on Tuesday, despite release of figures showing strong passenger growth and improved punctuality. […]

Two Norwegian residents missing after crash

A Norwegian Red Cross worker and a French-British woman living in Tromsø were among the 157 people on board an Ethiopian Airlines flight that crashed en route to Nairobi on Sunday. Both are presumed dead. The Norwegian Red Cross confirmed Sunday evening that Karoline Aadland, who worked for the aid organization’s international division, was on […]

Bomb threat shut mobile network

Norway’s northern city of Alta was without its mobile phone network for nearly an hour Wednesday night. Police asked mobile operator Telenor to shut it down, because of fears that a bomb threatened to have been placed on a jet parked at Alta airport could be detonated from afar. The bomb threat against a Norwegian […]

Another bomb threat hits Norwegian Air

A Norwegian Air flight from Oslo to Alta in Northern Norway was evacuated right after landing on Wednesday, after it became the target of a bomb threat while in the air. A passenger claimed via the airline’s chat service that he was on board the flight and had a bomb. Police responded with all available […]

Data problems halted all flights

Staff at Norway’s airport authority Avinor woke up to a nightmare on Friday, when the data network that provides air traffic information crashed for several hours. The cause of the crash, which forced closure of all Norwegian airspace, was unclear and the prospect of hacking was under investigation. Avinor officials claims the problem  occured “outside Norway,” […]