Wolf hunt extended after 70 sheep attacked

Authorities in Oslo,  Akershus and Oppland counties have extended an authorized wolf hunt over the weekend until noon on June 9, after several attacks on free grazing sheep in Hurdal and Gran. Attempts were made throughout the long holiday weekend to track and shoot down the suspected wolf, but they were unsuccessful. The hunt is difficult […]

Wolves’ saviour faces ouster

UPDATED: Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen from the Conservative Party faces a lack of confidence vote in Parliament, after he halted a wolf hunt approved last year by the Parliament because the justice ministry deemed it was illegal. Now the anti-wolf movement led by the opposition Center Party plans to order Helgesen to change current regulations to allow shooting […]

Man killed in fox hunt

A 26-year-old man in Balsfjord, Northern Norway, was shot and killed while apparently out fox hunting Tuesday evening. Police have charged a 41-year-old man, who also was fox hunting, with negligent homicide. The 41-year-old told police he thought he was alone when he went fox hunting at Stormoen in Balsfjord, Troms County. “According to his own statements, […]

Wolf hunters get tougher sentences

Norway’s Supreme Court has stiffened the sentences several men were handed after they were found guilty of illegal wolf hunting. The high court stressed that wolf hunting is a criminal offense unless sanctioned by the authorities in special circumstances. Five men were indicted and later convicted for allegedly illegal wolf hunting in Hedmark County, eastern Norway. Their […]

Wolf spotted on Norway’s south coast

Folks on summer holiday along Norway’s popular southern coast at Arendal sprang to attention earlier this week after the discovery of two mauled goats, paw prints from a wolf and several reported observations. State conservation officials were calling for all tips from residents and tourists alike. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that the wolf was even […]

Songbirds also in the firing line

Golden eagles aren’t the only birds in Norway to land in the firing line in recent weeks. Protests are also flying over a proposal by Norwegian environmental authorities to allow hunting of the small songbirds known as måltrost and svarttrost (thrush), which have been hailed in traditional Norwegian songs themselves. “Gjøk og sisik, trost og stær, […]

Protests fly over new eagle hunt

A controversial new project to allow limited hunting of Norway’s otherwise protected golden eagles (kongeørn) has set off widespread protests. The farmer-friendly Center Party won backing for the project, because the eagles are known to have attacked grazing lamb and reindeer, while opponents suggest it can spark as much international criticism as Norway’s whaling has over the […]

Hunter convicted for training dog to kill

A Norwegian hunter has been sentenced to seven months in jail and stripped of his rights to hunt, trap and use a dog to hunt, after he’d trained the dog he had to kill foxes. Police suspect the hunter intended to use his dogs to attack and kill wolves. Norway’s national hunting organization also condemned […]

Convicted wolf hunters file appeals

The defense attorney for one of five Norwegian men convicted Tuesday on charges of organized illegal wolf hunting wants the case to be evaluated by Norway’s Supreme Court. He claims prosecutors’ use of a Norwegian law against organized crime in the historic case resulted in jail terms that are much too severe. “Even though the jail terms weren’t as long as […]

State prosecutes illegal wolf hunting

A landmark trial began this week in Hedmark County, where six hunters are under indictment for alleged illegal wolf hunting. The hunters have all pleaded not guilty, even though the main defendant bragged in a taped phone conversation that he shot a wolf last spring. “It was great fun, just what we’d hoped for,” he was […]