Hunter convicted for training dog to kill

A Norwegian hunter has been sentenced to seven months in jail and stripped of his rights to hunt, trap and use a dog to hunt, after he’d trained the dog he had to kill foxes. Police suspect the hunter intended to use his dogs to attack and kill wolves. Norway’s national hunting organization also condemned […]

Convicted wolf hunters file appeals

The defense attorney for one of five Norwegian men convicted Tuesday on charges of organized illegal wolf hunting wants the case to be evaluated by Norway’s Supreme Court. He claims prosecutors’ use of a Norwegian law against organized crime in the historic case resulted in jail terms that are much too severe. “Even though the jail terms weren’t as long as […]

State prosecutes illegal wolf hunting

A landmark trial began this week in Hedmark County, where six hunters are under indictment for alleged illegal wolf hunting. The hunters have all pleaded not guilty, even though the main defendant bragged in a taped phone conversation that he shot a wolf last spring. “It was great fun, just what we’d hoped for,” he was […]

Oslo wolf goes missing

One of the wolves that seemed to have established themselves in Oslo’s eastern forest known as Østmarka has gone missing and is feared dead. Some fear she’s been a victim of illegal hunting. The wolf was among those photographed in late 2013 by cameras set up by wildlife officials who’ve been tracking the wolves’ movements. Conservationists […]

Lemmings distract, sicken bird dogs

It’s high season for bird hunting in the mountains, but the high scenic plateaus favoured by hunters are also full of the small, sometimes fierce critters called lemen (lemmings). Hunters’ dogs love to chase them, but it carries a risk. “Dogs who get hold of a lemming risk getting worms and can be infected with harepest (a […]

Grouse hunt set to be flying high

Bird hunters in Norway are looking forward to a good season this year, with state authorities reporting an increase in the white grouse (rype, or ptarmigan) population for the second year in a row. The hunt officially starts on Wednesday. Bird counts conducted by the state agency Statskog make for encouraging reading for the hunters. More […]

Two bears shot in Oppland

A 100 kilogram bear believed to be responsible for killing several sheep in the Gausdal municipality was shot on Sunday night. It’s the second bear to be shot in Oppland county in the space of a week and the fifth in Norway so far this year, angering animal rights groups. Hunting permits were granted after […]

Nine wolves killed this year

Nine wolves have been shot or killed in accidents so far this year, the highest number since 2001. Most have been shot in Hedmark county, with the most recent shooting on Thursday in Vågå in Oppland county. In 2001, 11 wolves had been registered as killed by May 15, reported Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). In a […]

Hunter threatens case on wolf charge

Police dropped the charges on Tuesday against one of the 12 men arrested for illegal wolf hunting in Hedmark last week. Licensed hunter Odd Arne Ås was angry police had kept him in custody for several days, and is considering litigation. Ås, from Stor-Elvda, is a licensed hunter and has conducted many public hunting projects, […]

Alleged wolf hunters kept in custody

Seven men remained in jail on Thursday morning, after Hedmark police arrested 12 people earlier in the week for illegal wolf hunting. Three of the seven were remanded in custody until Friday morning, and police had not ruled out holding more of the men for longer. Five of the men were released on Thursday morning […]