Little boy gets surprise birthday guests

A five-year-old Norwegian boy named Egil who’s fascinated by the police and even has his own miniature police uniform was overwhelmed when two real live police officers arrived, in full uniform of their own, at his birthday party on Saturday. He’d invited them, but was dumbfounded when they actually showed up. His mother, Synne Aunaas, told […]

Laughs die down over police on Twitter

Not everyone is laughing over how the Norwegian state police write humorous messages when reporting their various duties. They’ve been hailed over the years for their creative use of the social media site Twitter, but now some think they’re crossing a line. “Metro station in Oslo Sentrum,” reported the police in one so-called “tweet” last spring. “A passer-by […]

Økokrim boss ‘takes criticism seriously’

The special economic crimes unit of Norway’s state police, Økokrim, was hit by more stinging criticism this week, this time over how it handled a lengthy case of alleged tax avoidance by the world’s largest offshore rig company. The unit charged with investigating everything from fraud to corruption in Norway also faces a political fight over its […]

Tourist from India jailed for speeding

The father of a family from India who was on holiday in Norway last weekend is now sitting in jail in scenic Lofoten, charged with reckless driving and excessive speed on one of the archipelago’s narrow roads. He was caught driving 107kph (64mph) in a 50-zone (30mph) and police seized his driver’s license on the spot. “Completely […]

Minister calls for rearming police

The London police’s ability to quickly halt terrorist attacks in recent months has prompted Norwegian Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen to call once again for a general rearming of police in Norway. He’s not giving up his efforts to make sure Oslo police, for example, would be able to respond just as quickly. “The scenario in […]

Two charged in weapons case

A 37-year-old man has been charged with illegal receipt and storage of weapons in the same case as radical Islamist Arfan Bhatti, who also has been charged and held in custody since mid-May. The 37-year-old, who runs a small messenger service in Oslo, has acknowledged having taken possession of and stored weapons that were found by police. Newspaper VG recently […]

Terror suspect still in custody in Oslo

Norway’s long Pinse (Whitsund) weekend was dominated by news of the latest terrorist attack in London, where many Norwegians study, work and live. In Oslo, meanwhile, a 17-year-old terror suspect remained in custody, with police wanting to keep him there. The 17-year-old Russian citizen was arrested on April 8, just a day after a terrorist attack […]

More arrests and another fire linked to youth unrest

Police in Oslo made two more arrests this week after several nights marred by violence and arson in the east- and southeast districts of Groruddalen and Søndre Nordstrand. Police haven’t managed to halt the vandalism, though, with another fire reported close to Fossum Church at Stovner. Just minutes after the fire in the northern end of Groruddalen, […]

Two arrested after assaults on police

Oslo police have arrested two young men, aged 19 and 20, and charged them with aggravated vandalism. The arrests come after three nights in a row of public disturbances and assaults on both police, security guards and firefighters during the weekend. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the police also ransacked the men’s homes on Tuesday. Both […]

‘Norway is not prepared for terror’

Retired Norwegian general Robert Mood is openly defying recent claims by Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen that Norway “has never been better prepared” for a terrorist attack. Norway still suffers “major weaknesses” in its civilian security and preparedness, claims Mood, who thinks they’re linked to either system failure or “a serious failure to take responsibility” at the […]