PST wants police to always be armed

UPDATED: Norway’s civilian police intelligence unit PST has, for the first time, gone public in recommending that Norwegian police be armed at all times. PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) thinks a state commission that advised against permanent arming last spring had an “imprecise” picture of today’s terror threats. Norway’s justice minister has now followed up by ordering […]

Police, military carry out major anti-terror exercise

Around 900 police and military personnel were taking part in a major anti-terror exercise in Oslo and the southern Agder counties early this week. More police than usual were due on the streets in downtown Oslo, and helicopters were likely to fly overhead. Several ministries and civilian partners were also involved in the exercise. “Our […]

‘Hash baron’ appeals his prison term

Gjermund Cappelen, Norway’s so-called former “hash baron” who was sentenced to prison last week along with a former Oslo police officer, has decided to appeal his 15-year prison term. His defense attorney claims they both feel the sentence is too long and too strict. Cappelen was sentenced along with the former “top cop” Eirik Jensen, […]

Experts justify Jensen’s jail term

Norway’s longest prison term of 21 years is rarely handed out and even convicted murderers have been known to avoid it. Questions have thus arisen over how it could apply to police officer Eirik Jensen, convicted of accepting bribes amounting to less than USD 100,000 and protecting a hash smuggler, but legal experts claim important […]

Police pressured to probe corruption

UPDATED: Oslo Police Chief Hans Sverre Sjøvold has admitted there were “several indications” that Eirik Jensen, one of the police force’s most trusted and high-profile officers, didn’t follow instructions for dealing with informants. Jensen now faces 21 years in prison after being convicted of corruption, and the soul-searching among his colleagues and superiors is well underway: […]

‘Hash baron,’ cop guilty as charged

The largest police scandal in Norway since World War II  reached a dramatic climax on Monday when the Oslo City Court handed down the country’s  toughest punishment, 21 years in prison, to veteran police officer Eirik Jensen. The so-called “hash baron” whom Jensen was convicted of protecting and abetting for years, Gjermund Cappelen, was sentenced to a shorter jail term of 15 […]

Extremists’ march spurs protests

A right-wing extremist group that was banned from marching in Fredrikstad over the weekend spurred counter-demonstrations after they marched illegally in Kristiansand instead. More than five-times the number of people who marched on Saturday turned out Sunday to demonstrate their disgust. “When I heard that neo-nazis had come down to Kristiansand I got really angry,” Dennis Torkselsen told Norwegian […]

Little boy gets surprise birthday guests

A five-year-old Norwegian boy named Egil who’s fascinated by the police and even has his own miniature police uniform was overwhelmed when two real live police officers arrived, in full uniform of their own, at his birthday party on Saturday. He’d invited them, but was dumbfounded when they actually showed up. His mother, Synne Aunaas, told […]

Laughs die down over police on Twitter

Not everyone is laughing over how the Norwegian state police write humorous messages when reporting their various duties. They’ve been hailed over the years for their creative use of the social media site Twitter, but now some think they’re crossing a line. “Metro station in Oslo Sentrum,” reported the police in one so-called “tweet” last spring. “A passer-by […]

Økokrim boss ‘takes criticism seriously’

The special economic crimes unit of Norway’s state police, Økokrim, was hit by more stinging criticism this week, this time over how it handled a lengthy case of alleged tax avoidance by the world’s largest offshore rig company. The unit charged with investigating everything from fraud to corruption in Norway also faces a political fight over its […]