Suspected spy back in court

UPDATED: Frode Berg, the retired border inspector from Northern Norway who’s being held on espionage charges in Moscow, had another day in court on Tuesday but will continue to be held in custody through the summer. The Norwegian government is now covering his attorneys’ fees, but his appeal to be released on bail was flatly […]

Russian ‘attack’ prompts complaint

Norway’s foreign ministry has confirmed that it complained to Russian authorities following three of their air force training missions last year that simulated attacks on Norwegian military stations. Norwegian officials claimed that “this type of behaviour” was not in line with good relations between neighbours. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Wednesday that Russian bomber jets, for example, […]

Accused Norwegian spy feels ‘misused’

“I feel terribly misused,” exclaimed Frode Berg, the retired Norwegian border inspector who was arrested in Moscow last month and charged with espionage. As he was ordered held in a Moscow jail for another three months on Friday, he once again had to fight back tears, while his lawyer won’t rule out that he’s been […]

UD probes possible sanctions violation

Norway’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has confirmed that it’s investigating complaints from Ukraine that ships have sailed from Norway with cargoes of metallic ore that have been transferred to Russian vessels in a narrow strait between Crimea and Russia. Sending the material into Crimea or Russia could violate the international sanctions imposed after Russia invaded […]

Islamic extremists still biggest threat

Norway’s state police intelligence unit PST still ranks Islamist extremists as posing the biggest threat against security in the country. Russian intelligence, however, has the greatest damage potential, according to PST’s latest evaluation of the threats facing Norway in 2018. “People and groups inspired by extreme Islamist ideology will be the primary terror threat against […]

Accused spy cries in a Moscow court

Frode Berg, the former Norwegian border inspector from Kirkenes who was arrested on espionage charges in Moscow last month, was finally granted some time in a Russian court this week. He was reduced to tears, however, and his appeal to be released on bail was rejected. Both newspaper Aftenposten and Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK), who gained […]

Suspected Norwegian spy may be sent to Siberia

Not even the defense attorney for former Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg thinks Berg will be acquitted on the espionage charges he faces in Moscow. Now fears are rising that Berg will not only be convicted by a Russian court but also sent to a prison in Siberia. “Acquittal in this case is probably an […]

Kirkenes rallies to ‘bring Frode home’

Christmas Eve services at the church in Norway’s northern town of Kirkenes broke into unusual and spontaneous applause, when the pastor leading them called for the release of local resident Frode Berg from a Moscow prison. Berg faces serious charges of espionage after he was arrested by Russian security police, but now claims he was […]

Norwegian isolated in Moscow jail

Retired Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg continues to languish in a Moscow jail, after the 62-year-old resident of Kirkenes was arrested on espionage charges earlier this month. His family has succeeded in hiring a respected Russian attorney to defend him, but remained in despair heading into the Christmas holidays. Berg is being held amidst so […]

Ex-border guard accused of spying

A 62-year-old Norwegian who recently retired after 24 years as an inspector at the Russian-Norwegian border is reportedly being held in prison in Moscow as a suspected spy. Norwegian foreign ministry officials said they haven’t received any formal charges from their Russian counterparts and thus couldn’t comment further. “We will continue to follow his case […]