Trump may push Norway into the EU

Norwegians on both ends of the political spectrum are suddenly starting to speak seriously about the need for a new public discussion about joining the European Union (EU). Top politicians from both the ruling Conservatives and Labour, experts on defense and US relations, and even editorial writers from traditionally anti-EU media think that US President […]

Russia jails Berg for two more months

Frode Berg, the retired Norwegian border inspector who’s charged with espionage in Moscow, was ordered held in prison for another two months on Wednesday. His earliest release date has now been set for October 5. Norwegian journalists in Moscow were allowed to speak with Berg for a few minutes before Wednesday’s custody hearing began. He […]

Russians fire back at defense chief

Officials at the Russian Embassy in Oslo are none too pleased that Norway’s defense chief, Admiral Haakon Bruun-Hanssen, thinks Russia is getting “far more assertive.” After first declining comment, they’re now accusing Bruun-Hanssen of being behind a “primitive, anti-Russian propaganda machine.” In special summer radio interview aired nationwide on Thursday by state broadcaster NRK, Bruun-Hanssen […]

US troop build-up raises tensions

Norwegian politicians from the ruling Conservative Party are offering different versions of why the US is suddenly using a base in Northern Norway for surveillance flights in the Arctic. Russian officials, meanwhile, have called build-ups of US troops and military equipment elsewhere in Norway “clearly unfriendly,” and threatened that it won’t occur “without consequences.” Announcements […]

Accused spy’s appeal rejected

There was no joy for retired Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg in Moscow on Thursday, even as the city otherwise filled with enthusiastic football fans eager for the World Cup to get underway in Russia. Berg, charged with espionage shortly after arriving in Moscow himself last December, was met with more disappointment when a Moscow […]

Government open to more US troops

The Norwegian government is clearing the way for many more US troops and pilots to be stationed on Norwegian soil and flying in and out of airfields at Rygge in the south and Andøya in the north. Critics were quick to blast plans that can double the number of American soldiers training with Norwegians in […]

MPs finally made it to Moscow

Relations between Russia and Norway haven’t been their best lately, leading to the controversial cancellation of a parliamentary delegation last year, when one of its members was denied a visa. Last week members of the Parliament’s defense and foreign relations committee finally landed in Moscow, for the first time in seven years. Newspaper Aftenposten was […]

Spy suspect held for three more months

Frode Berg, the retired border inspector from Northern Norway who’s charged with espionage in Russia, was ordered held in a Moscow jail on Thursday for another three months. Berg told Norwegian reporters that he now feels both “cheated and manipulated.” He’s clearly become a pawn in the rising tensions between Russia and Norway. Russian authorities […]

Artist protests on behalf of jailed spy

Is Norway turning its back on Frode Berg? Artist Morten Traavik seems to think so. He’s confronting Foreign Ministry officials with an art installation about Berg’s plight that he’s set up right in front of ministry offices, as Berg sits imprisoned in Moscow, charged with espionage. “Frode Berg should be hailed, not feel abandoned,” Traavik […]

Spying recruiters target Kirkenes

Residents of Norway’s far northern city of Kirkenes say it’s not unusual to find themselves as targets of recruiters for spying. Civilians who often travel over the nearby border to Russia seem to be most attractive to the recruiters. The plight of fellow Kirkenes resident, Frode Berg, has suddenly highlighted the recruiting issue. Berg, a […]