Russia issues new warning to Norway

Russia’s embassy in Oslo has been issuing more complaints about the Norwegians this week. The Russian officials are unhappy about the large winter military exercises going on in Finnmark, Northern Norway, and they’re also warning again of consequences if Norway opts to become part of NATO’s controversial missile defense system. The Russian Embassy called the […]

Journalist denied entry to Russia

UPDATED: Thomas Nilsen, editor of the highly acclaimed Independent Barents Observer in Kirkenes, seems to have become the latest symbol of tensions between Norway and Russia. Calls are now going out for the Norwegian foreign ministry to demand an explanation from the Russian Embassy in Oslo, as to why Nilsen was stopped at the Russian border on Wednesday while traveling […]

Norway boosts its relevance for Trump

NEWS ANALYSIS: Foreign Minister Børge Brende recapped his visit to Washington DC last week with some of the typical diplomatic rhetoric that stressed, for example, the “constructive dialogue” he claims he had with the US’ new conservative leadership. He left DC with the full realization that he and other Norwegian government officials have a lot […]

The Russian Embassy in Oslo calls its relations with Norway ‘unsatisfactory’

UPDATED: Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende claimed on Thursday that he’d had “a useful conversation” with his Russian counterpart, Sergej Lavrov, at the G20 summit in Bonn. On Friday, the Russian Embassy in Oslo sent out a very different message, claiming in a “comment” published on social media that Russia’s “bilateral relation” with Norway is “unsatisfactory” and “not […]

Norway and Russia friendly up north

Despite lots of tough official language and rising tensions lately, Norwegians and Russians continue to get along well in the northern area around their shared border. That was confirmed last week at the annual Kirkenes Conference and Barents Spectacle, two events that continue to cement strong ties and nurture good relations. Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende […]

Military intelligence unit the latest to warn about Russia

Norway’s millitary intelligence unit, known as E-tjenesten, became the latest state institution to warn that Russia can influence the outcome of national elections in September. Its leader, Gen Lt Morten Haga Lunde, called for new defense methods in Norway to ward off the threat that’s believed to be coming from the Kremlin. “Based on Russia’s capacity […]

Norway subject to major hacker attack

Several of Norway’s most important institutions, including the foreign and defense ministries, have been warned by state police intelligence PST that they’ve been subjected to a major Russian hacker attack. PST was hit as well, and describes the attack as “malicious and vicious.” PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) said it was itself warned of the attack by […]

Russia ‘regrets’ MPs’ ‘postponed’ visit

The Russian Embassy in Oslo has expressed regrets that a visit to Moscow by the Norwegian Parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee has been “postponed,” after two of its members were denied visas to Russia. Russian officials take no blame, however, for what’s led to a conflict that the Norwegians call “extremely unfortunate.” It prompted Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge […]

Norway files official protest with Russia

Two of Norway’s most high-ranking Members of Parliament, both of them party leaders, were denied visas to Russia on Wednesday. That prompted the Parliament’s foreign affairs and defense committee, of which the two MPs were members, to cancel a planned trip to Moscow tomorrow. Foreign Minister Børge Brende was calling in the Russian ambassador Wednesday […]

Islamists and Russia pose biggest threat

In a chilling return to Cold War rhetoric, the head of Norway’s police inteligence unit PST declared on Wednesday that Russia has the intention and ability to greatly damage Norway and Norwegian interests. Islamic extremists, however, are still considered the biggest threat. In her annual assessment of the threats facing Norway, the chief of PST (Politiets […]