Russians call spy charges ‘extortion’

Russian officials reacted angrily once again on Thursday after a court in Oslo agreed to hold a Russian man charged with spying in custody for at least two more weeks. A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman called the charges “pure extortion” aimed at freeing a Norwegian held for spying in Moscow. “We demand that all false […]

Russians keep Norwegian in jail

A stand-off over alleged spying on each other continued between Russia and Norway this week. A court in Moscow ordered a former Norwegian border inspector charged with espionage to be held for at least two more months, just days after a Norwegian court ordered that a Russian charged with spying in Oslo be kept in […]

Alleged spy’s custody appeal rejected

A Norwegian appeals court ruled this week that a 51-year-old Russian man must be kept in custody while police investigate spying charges against him. The probability that he cooperated with others means that he must remain jailed, according to the court.  Judges at the appeals court (Borgarting lagmannsrett) pointed to a danger that defendant Mikhail […]

Russian spy drama sets off a probe

Investigators from both Norway’s police intelligence unit PST and the national security authority NSM were cordoning off printers at the Parliament and reportedly searching for electronic bugs, following the arrest of a Russian charged with espionage during the weekend. Russian authorities, meanwhile, summoned Norway’s ambassador in Moscow and warned of reprisals unless all charges against […]

Russian held on espionage charges

A 51-year-old Russian man who was in Oslo last week to take part in a seminar on digitalization at the Norwegian Parliament was arrested at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen as he was leaving the country Friday evening. He’s charged with espionage, and was ordered during the weekend to be jailed for at least the […]

Calls rise to invite Putin to Finnmark

Next fall marks the 75th anniversary of how Soviet forces liberated Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark from the clutches of Nazi German occupiers in 1944. Local officials are steadily being joined by other voices around the country in calling upon the Norwegian government to invite Russian President Vladimr Putin to join the solemn anniversary celebrations. […]

Stoltenberg, Støre also broke rules

Former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who’s now secretary general of NATO, and his former Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre both took their government-issued mobile telephones with them on at least one trip to Russia. Both thus broke government security regulations long before Støre, now leader of the opposition Labour Party, recently blasted the current conservative […]

Missing missile fires up concerns

Norwegian fishing industry and environmental officials were expressing concern Wednesday over reports that a nuclear-powered Russian cruise missile has gone missing in the Barents Sea. The area is both environmentally sensitive and a rich fishing grounds, raising fears of nuclear contamination. Nils Bøhmer of the environmental organization Bellona is among those worried by a CNBC […]

Trump may push Norway into the EU

Norwegians on both ends of the political spectrum are suddenly starting to speak seriously about the need for a new public discussion about joining the European Union (EU). Top politicians from both the ruling Conservatives and Labour, experts on defense and US relations, and even editorial writers from traditionally anti-EU media think that US President […]

Russia jails Berg for two more months

Frode Berg, the retired Norwegian border inspector who’s charged with espionage in Moscow, was ordered held in prison for another two months on Wednesday. His earliest release date has now been set for October 5. Norwegian journalists in Moscow were allowed to speak with Berg for a few minutes before Wednesday’s custody hearing began. He […]