Moose blood left on the roads, to scare motorists

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Wildlife authorities in Hedmark County are resorting to scare tactics in an effort to cut the number of traffic accidents involving motorists and moose.

Fully 225 moose and deer have been run down on Hedmark roads just since December 1, report local police, and the authorities are frustrated that motorists aren’t slowing down when they drive into zones clearly marked as areas where wildlife is known to cross the road. Maybe motorists will drive more carefully if they see all the blood on the road after a collision, reasoned the authorities, so they’ve decided to refrain from thorough clean-ups after an accident.
News bureau NTB reported that the authorities in Hedmark’s Sør-Odal township, where most of the collisions are occurring, are following the lead of their counterparts in Trøndelag, who poured blood from slaughtered pigs along Highway 30. Motorists immediately cut their speed at the sight of it. Collisions with moose declined dramatically.
By Views and News staff