Terror suspect won’t talk

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One of the three men arrested earlier this month on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack in Norway has refused to respond to police questioning, at least until he starts being served food that suits his diet as a Muslim.

Mikael Davud, an Uyghur formerly known as Muhammed Rashidin, is believed to be the leader of the three men arrested both in Oslo and Germany. He’s currently being held in full isolation and reportedly grew frustrated over the lack of specially prepared halal food offered in prison.

His defense attorney, Carl Konow Rieber-Mohn, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that his client “should be able” to get food he can eat in good conscience. Rieber-Mohn earlier has had challenges communicating with his client himself, because even though Davud became a Norwegian citizen in 2007 after arriving as a refugee in 1999, he doesn’t speak Norwegian.

Investigators from the Norwegian police intelligence agency PST had planned to question Davud on Thursday, but the session was cancelled when Davud refused to cooperate until he received acceptable food.

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