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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Child molesters filmed their assaults

Nine people living in a small rural community in Nord-Østerdal have been charged with sexual molestation of four children, and rape of one of them. Police have unique evidence, reports, because their abusers both photographed and filmed their assaults.

The images show children under 14 years old being abused, reported, and the pictures were stored on their attackers’ own computers. The abuse is believed to have gone on for several years.

Two of the victims are siblings, from the same family. The stepfather is accused of raping his stepdaughter, while the mother is charged with having sexual relations with another child under the age of 14.

The stepfather, noted, received a suspended sentence in the 1990s for sexually abusing the children of the woman he was living with at the time.

Seven men have been charged with filming and photographing the abuse or for having carried out sexual acts while the children were forced to watch. The nine people charged come from eight different households and have been charged with breaking various different laws. One of the abusers has since died.

The mother of the abused siblings has been in custody since April this year. Her former common-law husband was arrested late last year. The case is scheduled to come up in court in November but the two children from the same familly have been interviewed twice each by the judge and will not have to testify in court against their mother and stepfather.

Views and News from Norway/Sven Goll
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