Majority support lower environmental speed limits

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They may not have shown it in practice, but a new survey indicates that a majority of Oslo residents support reducing speed limits to help cut air pollution. Posted lower limits were widely ignored by motorists and proved unenforceable under current law.

State and city officials admitted defeat last week, when an appeals court ruled that lower limits of 60 kilometers an hour — down from 80 kph and imposed during the winter on main stretches of local multilane highways — couldn’t legally be enforced.

A survey conducted after the ruling by research firm Respons Analyse for newspaper Aftenposten shows that 52 percent of those questioned, though, support environmental speed limits during winter. Another 32 percent did not, while 16 percent had no opinion.

The result surprised officials at the national automobile association NAF, who have claimed motorists had no respect for the lower limits. It’s unclear whether local politicians will make another attempt to reimpose them.

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