Electricity demand puts rivers at risk

Rising demand for electricity and its record-high rates this winter are suddenly prompting Norwegian politicians to consider sacrificing even protected rivers and waterfalls for energy relief. On Wednesday a majority emerged in Parliament to reconsider longstanding conservation measures, and allow more production of hydroelectric power. Newspaper Klassekampen reported late last week that the Labour Party […]

Støre accused of more ‘blah, blah…’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Halfway through the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Norway is still mostly throwing more money at others to cut emissions while literally fueling them at home. The oil-producing country’s new government may even get away with it, once again. In his first international appearance in Glasgow last week as Norway’s prime minister, […]

Norway braced for battle in Glasgow

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s new Labour prime minister headed for the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow that opened on Monday, armed with more Norwegian petrokroner and promises that his oil-producing nation will meet its climate goals. Jonas Gahr Støre and others in the Norwegian delegation know, however, that their credibility is at stake and […]

Equinor CEO keen to promote tax bill

Norway’s state oil company Equinor, which reported record high quarterly profits on Wednesday, was quick to boast that it expects to pay NOK 130 billion (USD 15.6 billion) in taxes this year. Equinor CEO Anders Opedal clearly wanted to stress the company’s contribution to the Norwegian economy, at a time when its oil and gas […]

Oslo residents want to halt oil production

A majority of Norwegians still want to search for more oil, but not those living in Oslo and several other Norwegian cities. Yet another survey shows fully 56 percent of the capital’s population opposed to ongoing oil exploration, and only 38 percent in favour. Residents of small towns and cities showed as many as 64 […]

Another survey backs oil industry

Support for climate-oriented political parties in Norway is rising and anti-oil activists mounted a demonstration Thursday that shut down a major oil terminal. Recent surveys, however, indicate that a clear majority of Norwegians think their government should continue to allow more exploration for offshore oil and gas.  Fully 55 percent of those responding to the […]

Norway’s climate policy defies UN

NEWS ANALYSIS: The front pages of Norwegian newspapers on Tuesday were all prominently featuring the UN’s dire report this week that deadly climate change is well underway. All of Norway’s biggest political parties, however, are defying the UN secretary general’s plea to stop looking for more sources of coal, oil and gas. Neither the Conservative […]

Experts want to move the ice edge

As Norway continues to allow more oil drilling in the Arctic to find new sources of both oil and gas, researchers want to expand the so-called “ice edge zone” that aims to protect sensitive Arctic areas. They want maximum inclusion of the areas where ice forms during the course of a year. The current ice […]

Norway won’t stop searching for oil

Top Norwegian politicians are defying calls from the International Energy Agency (IEA) to halt more investment in new oil fields. Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party say they still don’t see any reason to revise oil policy, while a string of climate and environmental advocates suggest the political leaders are simply in denial mode. […]

Erna: ‘No plans to change oil policy’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has been taking part in this week’s virtual “Leaders Summit on Climate” at the invitation of new US President Joe Biden. He’s called for a global halt to oil drilling in the Arctic, but Solberg has no intention of ending Norway’s own Arctic oil exploration and production. “We have no plans […]