Danes buy ‘Dagbladet’

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Lengthy negotiations to sell the Oslo-based newspaper Dagbladet and its related media units to Aller Media of Denmark culminated with a deal on Thursday. Dagbladet employees seemed mostly relieved, calling the deal “a good match” that will create one of Norway’s largest media concerns.

Aller Media is a major magazine publisher in Denmark and also owns the magazines Allers, Se og Hør, KK, Henne, Autofil and Båtmagasinet in Norway. Dagbladet remains one of Norway’s major daily newspaper but has suffered a major circulation decline in recent years.

It’s Dagbladet’s leading position in online media publishing that’s believed to have attracted Aller Media. In addition to running the newssite db.no, Dagbladet also is behind se.no, Kjendis.no, 123Spill.no and Pressfire.no.

The price paid for Dagbladet wasn’t disclosed but was widely reported to be around NOK 300 million (USD 50 million).

newsinenglish.no staff