Notorious thief jailed again

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A Norwegian man known as “Vandreren” (The Wanderer), who’s been convicted in recent years of breaking into no less than 664 holiday cabins in southern Norway, was back in custody this week after confessing to seven recent offenses. He was caught red-handed by one family when leaving their cabin (hytte) in the mountains at Geilo.

The man already has served more than 10 prison terms since he started breaking into holiday homes in the 1980s, mostly in Hallingdal, Gudbrandsdalen and around Lake Mjøsa. He’s known for consuming food and drink found in the cabins, stealing various items and trashing and vandalizing the properties. He often defecates on the floor of his victims’ cabins.

A court in Buskerud County granted a prosecutor’s request to hold the man in prison for at least the next four weeks while police continued to investigate his most recent break-ins. He has demanded a reduced sentence since he’s confessed to his crimes, in line with legal practice in Norway.

The family who caught him leaving their hytte at Geilo was glad he’s in custody, at least for now. “We are very relieved,” hytte owner Sigrid Kirkevoll told local newspaper Hallingdølen. “Our children were afraid he’d come back.” staff