Train conductor left at the station

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Passengers on Norway’s beleaguered train system are accustomed to frequent delays that generally cause a good deal of frustration. On Tuesday some of them actually had a good laugh over why their train would be arriving late.

Newspaper VG reported that when they arrived at the Skoppum station on the Vestfold line that runs between Tønsberg and Oslo, they got a message over the loudspeaker that the train needed to stop for an extended period.

The reason was that the train had left Tønsberg with its conductor standing on the station’s platform. He thus had to grab a taxi and be driven to Skoppum, to catch up with his own train.

“Most everyone on board started to laugh and comment that this was a seldom and new excuse from (state railway) NSB,” passenger Morten Kjeldby, a daily commuter on the line, told VG.

NSB could later report that the train ended up running just 12 minutes behind schedule. staff