Police seized homemade bombs

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Police are still investigating the seizure last week of two homemade bombs found in a house in the west coast city of Kristiansund, where they also found stolen dynamite. They wouldn’t comment, however, on the quality of the bombs or where they might have been used.

The bombs were found after an explosion at the house launched a major police operation that resulted in the arrest of eight persons, two women and six men. All are aged 20 to 35 and connected to the narcotics trade, and they’re also tied to the theft of large quantities of dynamite from a mine in Surnadal the same day.

The explosion forced the evacuation of around 300 persons in the Hagelin district of Kristiansund. Police confirmed the discovery of the homemade bombs to local newspaper Tidens Krav and said their investigation was continuing, also into whether additional persons are involved.

newsinenglish.no staff