Two arrested after Manglerud murder

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Police in Oslo have arrested two men and charged them with the murder of a 52-year-old father of four in the residential area of Manglerud late last month. The police wouldn’t say who the men are, or where they were arrested on Thursday.

Both are charged with premeditated murder in the case that left victim Mohammed Arshad, the owner of two popular cafés in Oslo, lying in the street of his neighbourhood with severe head wounds. He later died at Ullevål University Hospital.

The murder has been linked to a conflict involving a member of Arshad’s family and gang members who reportedly were offended and sought revenge. Police have said they think the gang members initially had another victim in mind but attacked Arshad instead when he came home from work late Friday night, September 27.

His death has sparked widespread condemnation and around 1,000 persons attended his funeral. The two suspects were due to undergo questioning on Friday. staff