SAS ‘up for sale again’

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Signals from Norway’s new government that it wants to sell off the state’s stake in Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) don’t seem to rattle the airline’s beleaguered employees. They’ve grown used to turbulence over the years.

“This is no new problem for us,” Anneli Nyberg, head of the flight attendants’ union at Parat, told newspaper Dagsavisen. Nyberg noted that the Swedish government has been wanting to sell out of SAS for years, and the former left-center Norwegian government also has said it wanted to reduce its ownership stake.

Norway’s new conservative government is even more keen on privatization and wrote in its political platform that it plans to issue a new declaration regarding state ownership in otherwise private companies. The new coalition formed by the Conservatives and the Progress Party wrote that state ownership “should gradually be reduced to spread power and strengthen private ownership.” Selling off the state’s shareholdings in SAS is therefore still on the agenda. staff