Data problems halted all flights

Staff at Norway’s airport authority Avinor woke up to a nightmare on Friday, when the data network that provides air traffic information crashed for several hours. The cause of the crash, which forced closure of all Norwegian airspace, was unclear and the prospect of hacking was under investigation. Avinor officials claims the problem  occured “outside Norway,” […]

More ‘negative surprises’ at Norwegian Air

Oslo-based Norwegian Air reported a huge loss for last year as expected on Thursday, and then suffered a bomb threat on one of its flights. The airline’s founder and CEO Bjørn Kjos called 2018 “a year with large and uncomfortably negative surprises,” but as more came at him, he seemed determined to turn losses into […]

Government fends off new tax ‘chaos’

Norway’s newly expanded majority government came under fire right away in Parliament this week. Finance Minister Siv Jensen had to fend off a barrage of questions and criticism regarding the “chaos” that’s emerged over how job benefits now must be accounted for, and taxed. It’s not a position Jensen would have expected to find herself […]

Fredriksen bails out Norwegian Air

John Fredriksen, the tax-exiled Norwegian shipowner who ranks as one of the wealthiest men in the world, has stepped into the center of the turbulence around Norwegian Air. Fredriksen now seems to be bailing out a fellow Norwegian entrepreneur, Bjørn Kjos, who founded Norwegian Air but has needed fresh capital  to keep his airline aloft. […]

Norwegian Air dives on IAG snub

Shares in Oslo-based Norwegian Air were in a tailspin on Thursday, falling 21.5 percent after International Airlines Group (IAG) announced it was withdrawing an earlier offer to buy the airline. One analyst called IAG’s loss of interest “a dramatic development.” IAG issued an “update” Thursday, confirming that it “does not intend to make an offer […]

Norwegian Air jet still stuck in Iran

One of Norwegian Air’s brand new Boeing 737 aircraft remains grounded at Shiraz in Iran, after having to land in the country because of engine trouble after takeoff from Dubai in December. US President Donald Trump’s sanctions have prevented Boeing from sending parts needed to repair the jet. “Unfortunately this is taking more time than […]

Norwegian Air denies cash problems

Analysts have long claimed that Norwegian Air needs to sell off aircraft in order to ward off a financial crisis. The Oslo-based airline has finally commented on the negative reports and claims it will avoid any cash shortages this winter. “The numbers for 2018 are not ready yet,” Norwegian Air’s finance director Geir Karlsen wrote […]

Norwegian Air buys itself some time

Norwegian Air has succeeded in securing new financing for its aircraft purchases. It sent out an update to the market on Christmas Eve, claiming it now had the funding needed to cover all aircraft due for delivery during the first half of 2019. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) has reported how analysts have been concerned that Norwegian […]

Norwegian Air lands in more trouble

The run-up to the Christmas holidays seems anything but merry for Norwegian Air. On Thursday it had to deal with severe flight disruption because of the closure of London Gatwick airport, while a brand-new Boeing 737 is stranded in Iran and the company itself faces what analysts are calling “acute” financial problems. Norwegian was far […]

Norwegian Air workers lost in court

Norway’s Supreme Court ruled this week that Norwegian Air Shuttle, parent company of the fast-growing Oslo-based Norwegian Air, does not have employer responsibility for its pilots and cabin crew working on its aircraft. They’re employed by subsidiaries that have responsibility instead, the court ruled. It’s a blow for the employees and their unions, which claimed […]