Norwegian Air fires hundreds in Sweden

Around 800 Norwegian Air employees based in Sweden were all given notice on Monday that they’ve lost their jobs. It’s the latest dramatic news from an entire aviation industry grounded by the Corona virus crisis with no new income flowing in. Norwegian Air has been caught up in a crisis of its own, and is […]

Drama flies around Norwegian Air

With most of its fleet parked at the airport in Stavanger, an intense effort to rescue Norwegian Air was swirling Wednesday afternoon in several parts of the world. The deeply troubled airline has qualified for the first portion of an emergency state aid package, but it’s still flying through heavy turbulence made worse by the […]

Norwegian Air saved at least until June

The hard-pressed chief executive of Norwegian Air said he was grateful f0r a government offer Thursday evening of NOK 3 billion in state loan guarantees for the airline that’s now struggling to survive. Even if Norwegian meets all the conditions tied to the loans, though, the money will only ensure operations until June. Jacob Schram, […]

Airlines allowed to cooperate, for now

The Norwegian government has granted the transportation industry a temporary exemption from competition laws that will allow hard-hit airlines, among others, to cooperate during the Corona epidemic. Arch-rivals like SAS and Norwegian, which is struggling to survive, will now be able to coordinate routes and thus stay aloft, at least for three months. “We’re doing […]

Layoffs take off at Norwegian Air

Oslo-based Norwegian Air has set off what’s likely to be a flood of layoffs in Norway, after a government economic crisis package meant to aid troubled businesses was widely dismissed on Friday as inadequate. Other companies in the especially hard-hit travel industry are ailing as well, while the crisis package also failed to win support […]

Norwegian Air cancels flights, layoffs loom

Oslo-based Norwegian Air, already burdened by debt and the groundings of its Boeing MAX jets, is cancelling 3,000 flights between mid-March and mid-June. The troubled airline has also warned employees of temporary layoffs that will affect a “considerable portion” of the workforce. “This is a critical time for the airline industry, including us in Norwegian,” […]

New runway subject to legal test

Norway’s Greens Party, encouraged by how a court decision ruled against a new runway at Heathrow airport in London( LHR), is now keen to take runway expansion plans at Oslo’s main airport to court as well. The Greens claim that building a new runway at OSL Gardermoen would also violate climate laws. Greens spokesman Arild […]

Norwegian Air cancels more flights

Low travel demand linked to Corona virus concerns has prompted Oslo-based Norwegian Air to cancel 22 long-distance flights between Europe and the US this spring. Flights to and from Rome will be among those most affected. The airline, which continues to face financial challenges after lots of growing pains, stressed higher returns and a better […]

SAS halts all flights to northern Italy

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) announced it was cancelling all flights to northern Italy, reducing flight capacity to other European and Scandinavian destinations and likely would be temporarily laying off employees. The outbreak of the Corona virus is to blame. SAS said travel demand had noticeably declined over the next two months as a result of the […]

Norwegian Air rethinks strategy

Lower oil prices and higher hopes for cash compensation from aircraft maker Boeing may mean less financial turbulence this year at Oslo-based Norwegian Air. Its new chief executive, however, still needs to slash debt and re-think strategy for a new era that isn’t likely to include more new jets or global expansion. “I think we’ve […]