SAS taking off for USA again

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)’ first regular flights from Oslo to the US resumed this week, after Corona restrictions eased for those traveling in both directions. SAS’ Flight 907 non-stop to the New York area hasn’t run regularly since before the Corona crisis began. On Wednesday, though, one of SAS’ brand-new Airbus 350s took off with 220 […]

SAS pilots protested outside Parliament

Hundreds of current and laid-off pilots for Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) rallied outside the Norwegian Parliament this week, to protest how the airline is allegedly restructuring itself to avoid Norwegian labour regulations. SAS counters that lower pay and benefits in new subsidiaries are needed to compete with all the low-fare carriers in the market. The conflict […]

Airlines face lots of new turbulence

As Norwegians start traveling again, airlines based in Scandinavia are struggling to reinvent themselves, and survive. Both SAS and Norwegian Air have landed new labour agreements with pilots and cabin crew in Denmark, aimed at cutting costs with more “flexible” crewing, but they’ve met strong resistance in Norway and Sweden that’s now winding up in […]

Norwegian Air promises quicker refunds

Oslo-based Norwegian Air is among 16 airlines that finally have committed themselves to refunding customers’ money faster and to providing better information in connection with cancelled flights. The improvement comes after months of complaints, especially during the Corona crisis, when many passengers suspected that grounded airlines caught in severe financial turbulence were consciously dragging out […]

Warnings against more airline aid

Norway’s competition authority is warning against more financial aid to the country’s three established airlines: SAS, Norwegian Air and Widerøe. The warning comes despite looming cutbacks at SAS and Norwegian and the risk of monopolies on some routes. The three established carriers have already received more than NOK 6 billion (around USD 700 million) in […]

Labour open to re-investing in SAS

The Norwegian government declined last year to take a new ownership stake in Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), but now a new Labour-led government is open to making a comeback. The goal, according to Labour’s spokesperson on transport issues, is to make sure the airline survives the Corona crisis. “I think the (recently defeated) government has been […]

Norwegian Air may cut winter flights

Long-troubled Norwegian Air reported another large operating loss this week but also a new plan aimed at keeping it from having to ask shareholders for even more capital. It may anger passengers holding reservations this winter. New CEO Geir Karlsen aims to head off more losses by cutting flights when demand is low. Staffing of […]

Departures delayed for new airline

Market uncertainty tied to Corona restrictions and government regulation have delayed the launch of new Oslo-based Norse Atlantic Airways. It aims to fill the void left by Norwegian Air’s grounded trans-Atlantic service, but now probably not until next year at the earliest. “I’m certain that the desire to travel is very strong,” Norse Atlantic founder […]

Emissions lower than initially calculated

Closed borders, empty airports and grounded flights during the Corona pandemic haven’t had a major effect on carbon emissions, according to the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), but emissions last year are lower than previously stated. That’s because of an error in calculating Norwegian carbon emissions. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reported last […]

Government scolds Norwegian Air

NEWS ANALYSIS: Bad news keeps flying around Norwegian Air, just as it’s trying to get off the ground. Customers still awaiting refunds for cancelled flights last year are furious over large bonuses paid to top executives that were agreed even while the airline was still in bankruptcy proceedings. Now the airline can also avoid paying […]