Bergen officials to ‘improve routines’ after embezzlement

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Officials of the City of Bergen admitted they need to improve their routines and financial monitoring after a trusted city employee managed to embezzle as much as NOK 6 million over a period nearly 10 years.

The scandal finally was revealed during an internal audit, which showed that the man had substituted his personal bank account for the city’s account on years worth of billings.

Police were called in and the employee was dismissed. He admitted to his chronic  misappropriation of city funds and now faces serious charges and several years in prison for defrauding the city.

His lawyer said the amount embezzled from the city over the years was estimated to be between NOK 4 million and NOK 6 million (as much as USD 1 million). The serious fraud was said to have been motivated by a gambling problem, with the man needing the money to cover his debts. He’s now cooperating with the police in the ongoing investigation. staff