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Friday, June 14, 2024

Carlsen still smiling after fourth draw

Wednesday’s fourth chess game in the World Chess Championships ended in yet another draw, but Norwegian challenger Magnus Carlsen was still smiling and neither he nor defender Vishy Anand were giving up. 

Magnus Carlsen (left) was smiling after Wednesday's battle over the chessboard against Vishy Anand. PHOTO: Paul Truong
Magnus Carlsen (left) was smiling after Wednesday’s battle over the chessboard against Vishy Anand. PHOTO: Paul Truong

“It’s a free day tomorrow (Thursday) and we’re fighting for the World Champion title, so I think absolutely we’ll fight to the end,” Carlsen told reporters after their fourth remis (draw). “There was no reason to ask for remis any earlier.”

Carlsen reportedly put a lot of pressure on Anand but said his opponent “managed to find resources” and Anand defended himself to remis. Anand himself said something went very wrong in the opening, and that’s when he lost “in practice.”

Championship action will resume on Friday and many are expecting Carlsen to seek revenge. He and Anand each have just two points after their four draws. The first one of them to reach six-and-a-half points wins.

“It’s not my style to take really excessive risks,” Carlsen told foreign correspondents in Oslo before leaving for the world championship in Chennai, India. He also said he had “no real result expectations” and “no particular plans for when I want to win my first game.”

Fans and fellow professionals seem to think it’s about time one of them won. The next game starts Friday at 10:30am Norwegian time. Berglund



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