Norway’s chess champ challenged

UPDATED: Magnus Carlsen was facing his toughest challenge yet as he headed into the World Chess Championship that started up in London on Friday. At the end of weekend action, the score was 1-1, while many think Norway’s reigning world champion has met his proverbial match in challenger Fabiano Caruana. “We’re all very nervous,” Simen […]

Carlsen ‘positive’ to the Saudis

Magnus Carlsen, fresh from claiming another world championship title in Saudi Arabia last weekend, is now gearing up for a new tournament in the Netherlands next weekend. He took some time, however, to respond to criticism against the Saudi event and himself for taking part in it. “There were a lot of positive aspects to […]

Norway criticizes Saudi checkmate

UPDATED: Norway’s chess federation is evaluating another attempt to wrest away the rights to hold the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships from Saudi Arabia. The federation’s challenge is not tied to Norwegian chess star Magnus Carlsen’s loss in the first round of this year’s competition in Riyadh or his later victory in blitz chess. Both […]

Irritated Carlsen redeems himself

UPDATED: Chess champ Magnus Carlsen, who performed poorly at home in the Norway Chess tournament last week, made a strong comeback at the Paris Grand Chess Tour this past week. That didn’t keep him from being irritated by a commentator’s criticism. The 26-year-old Carlsen had just won the rapid chess portion of the Grand Tour running through the […]

Worries whirl around Carlsen

UPDATED: Has Norway’s World Chess Champion lost his touch? That’s been the question swirling in his homeland this past week after Magnus Carlsen risked ending up dead last in the Norway Chess tournament that played out in Stavanger. Carlsen himself said his play was “among the worst I’ve ever done,” and those closest to him didn’t see […]

Carlsen can’t defend his title at home

Norway’s World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen was disappointed when he was told, right after tying another match at the Norway Chess tournament now underway in Stavanger, that he won’t be able to defend his title on home turf next year. Oslo has been dumped as a potential host city for the next World Chess Championship, […]

Carlsen ‘furious’ after new loss

UPDATED: Norway’s chess ace Magnus Carlsen was an angry young man on Friday afternoon, after losing his chance to win back the championship title in blitz chess in Qatar.  He’s still the World Chess Champion, but he also lost his stab at hanging on to the rapid chess championship he held earlier in the week. Carlsen chalked […]

Carlsen loses his rapid chess title

Norway’s World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen didn’t manage to hang on to the championship title in rapid chess that he’s also held. After letting out an angry scream of frustration over an opening loss on Wednesday, though, Carlsen regained his composure and even managed a smile over his new bronze medal. “In general I’m satisfied with the bronze,” said […]

Carlsen created more suspense

Norwegian chess superstar Magnus Carlsen was back in the headlines during the Christmas holiday week, less than a month after winning his third World Chess Championship in New York. Now he was battling to defend and regain championship titles in rapid- and blitz chess in Qatar as well, and he got off to a rocky start that’s keeping spectators in […]

764,000 followed Carlsen’s championship victory

Fully a fifth of Norway’s population stayed up well past midnight on Wednesday to watch their Norwegian chess hero win his third World Chess Championship in a row. Ratings numbers released for Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK’s) live coverage alone showed that a total of 764,000 viewers watched the championship action from start to finish. “That’s a […]