Number of robberies dip in November

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Oslo Police have registered 73 robberies so far this month, down from the 120 robberies reported in October. Criminologists claim that despite numbers that are much higher than in other Scandinavian cities, the total does not constitute a major crime wave.

Another woman was mugged at Mortensrud on Oslo’s east side late Saturday night, and at least 72 others have experienced the same, according to incidents reported to police. Police noted, though, that the number is “considerably lower” than in October.

Police also have either charged or identified 27 persons believed to be behind several of the robberies. All are either men or boys, with 12 of them under the age of 18.

Criminlologist and researcher Nicolay B Johansen told newspaper Klassekampen over the weekend that the dozens of street robberies don’t constitute a crime wave and he thinks they’ve been over-dramatized by the Norwegian media. He contended that statistically speaking, Oslo remains a safe city. staff