Skies never safer in Norway than now

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Finally some good news for the hard-pressed airline industry in Norway: The skies have hardly ever been safer. New statistics from Norway’s Civil Aviation Authority (Luftfartstilsynet) show that it hasn’t been as safe to fly in Norway as it was last year, since 1970.

The authorities didn’t register a single serious injury last year among either passengers or airline crew. Given the huge increase in flights over Norway, and in and out of Norwegian airports, the numbers are “extremely impressive,” Eirik Svare, an analyst at Luftfartstilsynet, told state broadcaster NRK.

Svare said the authorities have to go back to the 1970s to find such positive statistics. Around 50 million passengers flew in and out of Norwegian airports last year, and there wasn’t a single serious accident or fatality. Nor was any material damage incurred at Norwegian airports in 2013, the agency said. staff