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Thursday, July 18, 2024

10-year-old ‘dwarf’ joyrider strikes again

A 10-year-old boy was nabbed driving a stolen car in Vestoppland on Wednesday evening, a week after he was last caught joyriding with his 18-month-old sister in tow. While police wouldn’t confirm it was the same boy, his parents told newspaper VG their light-fingered, lead-footed son was up to his old tricks.

The boy spotted the keys in his aunt’s car, and had driven three or four kilometres on a mostly 80 kilometre per hour stretch between Fagernes and Tonsåsen before he was stopped by police. “We were very scared, it’s just as painful every time,” said his mother. “It shouldn’t happen. The temptation was just too great. He’s a boy who likes adventure and excitement, it’s probably just that.”

The mother said she was shocked by her son’s ongoing antics. Last Wednesday she thought her children had been kidnapped when she went to wake her son for school, only to discover the boy, his sister and the car were missing. While his family slept the boy had taken the family car and driven around 11 kilometres before crashing into a ditch near Nordsinni church, west of Dokka.

A snow plow driver was the first to reach the boy after the accident, and called a colleague to help him tow the car out of the ditch. Newspaper Aftenposten reported the boy told the men he was not a child but a “dwarf” and was going to see his grandparents in Valdres. He said he’d forgotten his drivers license and had tried to turn around when he became stuck.

His father told VG the boy had never driven a car before, but had once sat on his lap and steered for 50 metres. His mother said her son got up to a lot of pranks, and they locked all doors except the bedrooms and bathrooms at night to keep him from eating treats and watching television. staff



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