State fails to halt abuse of children

A devastating report by a state commission has angered but not surprised Norway’s government minister in charge of equality and family issues. The report found that the state has repeatedly failed to help children who are suffering from abusive parents and guardians. “When I think about these children who have been subjected to violence and assaults, […]

Organized protests baffle Barnevernet

After yet another wave of organized international demonstrations over the weekend against Norway’s child welfare agency Barnevernet, both agency officials and top politicians appear baffled and frustrated over how to respond. “We take the criticism seriously, but so much of it is simply not rooted in reality,” a state secretary for the conservative Progress Party told news […]

Norway defends its child welfare laws

Norway’s state child welfare agency Barnevernet has once again become a target of international protests, over its attempts to enforce national laws aimed at protecting children. Both the Norwegian agency and top politicians claim they’re listening to the new wave of protests, but are largely fending them off in what they claim are the best interests of the children involved. […]

Children take initiative to integration

In the  midst of Norway’s biggest influx of refugees since the Balkan War, groups of small Norwegian children have been making a unique contribution towards easing local integration challenges. Armed with their toys, stuffed animals and curiosity about the new kids moving in next door to their day care center in Oslo, groups of pre-schoolers […]

Minister defends ‘Barnevernet’

The name of the Norwegian state agency charged with ensuring the welfare of children, Barnevernet, has become well-known far beyond Norway’s borders, for all the wrong reasons. Thorny cases of children taken away from foreign parents have made headlines from India to Lithuania but now the government minister in charge of the embattled agency is coming to […]

Kongsvinger kidnapping suspect back in Norway

A man accused of kidnapping his own two daughters as they got off a school bus near Kongsvinger earlier this year has returned to Norway and reported to police, arguing that he did nothing illegal. He confirmed the girls, meanwhile, are now in Chechnya. Both girls, aged six and eight, had been placed in foster care by child […]

Boy killed by speeding ambulance

A 10-year-old Norwegian boy was killed instantly on the weekend when he was hit by an ambulance on its way to an emergency. The boy was walking with his father and two older siblings when he chased after a runaway ball, and ran onto a highway outside Munich in southern Germany. The accident happened on […]

Police arrest car owner over kidnapping

Police in Romerike arrested the owner of a Volvo on Wednesday evening, wanted in connection to the abduction of two Chechen girls on Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, police said they’ve received witness reports that the sisters had been taken out of Norway. Police had been searching for a Volvo XC90, observed nearby when six-year-old Rajana and […]

Abducted girls’ mother charged

Police have charged the mother of two Chechen girls, snatched by masked men in south-eastern Norway on Tuesday afternoon, with complicity in their abduction. The girls’ father Mansur Mahasev, already named by police as central to their disappearance, was also charged on Wednesday with deprivation of liberty. Six-year-old Rajana and eight-year-old Samaja were taken after […]

Father central to abduction case

Police believe the father of two young Chechen girls, grabbed by masked men after getting off a school bus in south-eastern Norway on Tuesday afternoon, was central to their disappearance. The father had been charged with neglect, and a case over the girls’ ongoing foster care was to be heard this week.  More details emerged […]