More illness on Hurtigruten ship

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Another serious bout of tummy trouble broke out on board a vessel in the Norwegian coastal Hurtigruten shipping line this week. State broadcaster NRK reported that the vessel was heading into Bergen on Wednesday to be disinfected.

Both passengers and crew on board the vessel Richard With have suffered from a digestive ailment, confirmed Stein Lillebo of Hurtigruten. The ill passengers were put into isolation while ill crew members were taken off the ship, he said.

The cause of the illness was unclear. Hurtigruten, like other cruise ship lines, has been hit on earlier occasions by the novovirus, which can cause nausea, vomiting, the runs and dehydration.

The vessel was sailing along the cost of Trøndelag and was due to reach Bergen on Thursday. “We’ll put it through a major cleaning and disinfection before new passengers are allowed to board,” Lillebo told NRK. staff