Hurtigruten scandal ‘unforgiveable’

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s famed but now shamed shipping- and cruiseline Hurtigruten announced the suspension of its leader of maritime operations on Friday. It’s the first high-ranking consequence of a Corona virus scandal at Hurtigruten that’s potentially damaging for the entire tourism industry, while also shaking public confidence in a company long viewed as part of […]

Hurtigruten caught in Corona cover-up

UPDATED: The humbled boss of Norway’s Hurtigruten cruise and shipping line has admitted to a breakdown in its own routines regarding Corona virus rules for its newly re-launched cruises. That’s led to the suspension of all of Hurtigruten’s so-called “expedition” cruises, after an outbreak of the Corona virus that some Hurtigruten staff tried to cover […]

Police launch probe as Corona spreads

UPDATED: Norwegian health authorities are characterizing an outbreak of the Corona virus on board a Hurtigruten cruiseship as both “large” and “serious,” with 40 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and people from 69 towns and cities in Norway affected so far. Tromsø, where the vessel Roald Amundsen remains berthed, is hit hardest with health care officials […]

Corona breaks out on Hurtigruten ship

One of the Norwegian cruise and shipping line Hurtigruten’s new hybrid expedition ships was berthed at Tromsø on Friday, after two ill crew members had to be hospitalized. They were confirmed as being infected with the Corona virus Covid-19 and now the rest of the crew must be tested, too, as Hurtigruten also contacts all passengers […]

Cruiseships make a cautious comeback

A few cruiseships are venturing back into Norwegian harbours, to a mixed welcome. While some local officials are glad to see them return, others warn that the Corona crisis is far from over and many passengers won’t be allowed to go ashore. “We’re very glad the ships are now coming,” Solrunn Hjelleflat, chief executive of […]

Hurtigruten heads back to Svalbard

Norway’s venerable coastal passenger and cargo shipping line Hurtigruten has won government approval to sail around Svalbard again this summer. Justice Minister Monical Mæland approved the sailings, as long as the smaller expedition ships used for the cruises only take half as many passengers as usual. “Cruise is important for the tourism industry,” Mæland stated, […]

Hurtigruten demands crisis aid

Norway’s venerable coastal voyage line Hurtigruten, now mostly a cruiseline, was sailing full steam ahead until the Corona virus crisis forced most of its vessels into lay-up and cut off revenue. Now it doesn’t qualify for the emergency aid offered by the government, because its credit rating has been severely downgraded. “It’s a paradox that we, […]

Cruise ‘visionary’ dies at age 90

Norwegian shipowner Arne Wilhelmsen, one of the founders of the large international Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), died over the Easter holiday weekend with much of the cruise industry he helped form in turmoil. Wilhelmsen was 90, and among the last of the shipping pioneers who nurtured a cruise industry that’s currently in crisis because […]

Hurtigruten extends its halt in cruise operations

Norway’s famed coastal voyage firm Hurtigruten announced Monday that it’s extending its cruise operation shutdown to six weeks. “The consequences of the Corona virus are affecting everyone, and hitting us in Hurtigruten hard,” stated the shipping line’s CEO Daniel Skjeldam. It’s current pared-down ferry and passenger transport operation between Bergen and Kirkenes will continue, but with […]

Hurtigruten halts most all sailings

Norway’s famed coastal voyage line known as Hurtigruten has taken 14 of its 16 vessels out of service and cut its weekly sailings between Bergen and Kirkenes to a minimum. An additional 2,600 employees have been laid off, with the shipping line citing “an extraordinary crisis.” Just two weeks after Hurtigruten’s chief executive Daniel Skjeldam […]