Robbers disrupted Hurtigruten cruise

A group of robbers in southern Chile stole around 200 pieces of luggage that were being transported to one of the new Hurtigruten ships embarking this week on an expensive cruise to Antarctica. None of the passengers themselves was robbed, but around 15 opted to skip the trip. Hurtigruten’s new ship Roald Amundsen was waiting at the […]

Alarms rang before ship lost power

Norway’s Accident Investigation Board released a preliminary report Wednesday on the dramatic near-grounding of the cruiseship Viking Sky last spring. It reveals that a total of 18 alarms about low lubricating oil levels sounded on board the vessel several hours before “a complete blackout” left the ship at the mercy of stormy seas, with a total […]

Norway rolls up the welcome mat

New studies show that a solid majority of Norwegians are fed up with mass tourism and want to impose more taxes on tourists, especially those arriving on cruiseships and arranging accommodation through Airbnb. Now even the national employers’ association NHO is calling for major cuts in cruiseship arrivals. The call comes after this week’s release […]

Russia won’t let Hurtigruten sail

Russian authorities have spoiled some exclusive Arctic cruise plans for passengers on board one of the Norwegian shipping line Hurtigruten‘s newest vessels, the MS Spitsbergen. After initially seeming to welcome more cruise traffic in Russian waters, the Russians have suddenly denied the vessel entry. “We’d had a good dialogue with Russian authorities for a long […]

Bergen struggles with cruise control

Norway’s west coast city of Bergen set a dubious new record Thursday when 10,445 tourists disembarked from four large cruiseships. “We’re calling this ‘people pollution,’” said one of the leaders of the city government that’s trying to limit cruiseship arrivals. The sudden population increase, equal to more than the entire population of many Norwegian towns, […]

Speculation swirls after cruise tragedy

Speculation and accusations continued to swirl on Friday following a collision on the Danube between a Hungarian sightseeing boat and a river cruise vessel from Norwegian-owned Viking Cruises. The arrest of Viking Cruises’ captain raised more questions, as the search went on for 28 people on the sightseeing boat who are missing and presumed drowned. […]

Hurtigruten to fuel ships with biogas

At a time when climate concerns are putting increasing pressure on the cruise industry, Norway’s coastal fleet Hurtigruten is responding with what it bills as a “record-breaking biogas deal.” It seemed bound to grab headlines after Hurtigruten claimed some of its vessels will soon be fueled with liquified biogas (LGB) made from organic waste including […]

US law firm sues after cruise drama

An American law firm is mounting a class-action suit against Norwegian shipowner Torstein Hagen’s Viking Ocean cruise line and all its affiliated companies. It claims the cruise line knowingly and intentionally sailed right into a severe storm off the country’s northwest coast earlier this year, putting passengers in danger. Norway’s state accident investigations board (Havarikomisjonen) […]

Cruise line donates to rescue service

Viking Cruises, which operates the cruiseship Viking Sky that landed in a major maritime drama last month, is donating NOK 1 million (USD 117,000) to Norway’s humanitarian organization aimed at saving lives at sea. It was among those responding after the cruiseship lost power and nearly grounded in stormy seas on March 23. The donation […]

Low oil pressure blamed for ship’s stall

Norway’s maritime directorate has determined that low oil pressure caused all four engines on the ill-fated cruiseship Viking Sky to stall last Saturday, leaving it adrift and dangerously close to grounding in stormy seas with nearly 1,400 people on board.  “The level of lubricating oil in the tanks was within limits but relatively low when […]