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Rosenborg gives Hansen the boot

Trondheim football club Rosenborg (RBK) sacked coach Per “Perry” Joar Hansen on Monday, citing poor results and player development. The team has had 11 coaches in the past 12 years, and lined up Stavanger Vikings assistant coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen as Hansen’s replacement.

Rosenborg Football Club coach Per Joar Hansen got the kick on Monday. The club claimed the results and performance development had been too poor. PHOTO: Wikipedia.com
Rosenborg Football Club coach Per Joar Hansen got the kick on Monday. The club claimed the results and performance development had been too poor. PHOTO: Wikipedia.com

“Rosenborg Football Club and head coach Per Joar Hansen have today terminated employment,” the club announced in a press release, reported newspaper Adresseavisen. “Per Joar Hansen is resigning with immediate effect. The club has not been satisfied with the results or performance development, and sees it as necessary to make changes in order to achieve this.”

The announcement came the day after RBK beat Sogndal 1-0, and despite the club’s second place position in the premier league.

Assistant coach Bård Wiggen was also fired with immediate effect. “The board recognizes that the athletic work has not functioned optimally, and will continue to work on defining the organization and functions of the athletic department,” the press release said. “We are prepared to spend time on this. We will have an interim coach in place in a short time.”

Club Chairman Ivar Koteng said Wiggen could continue in another position at Rosenborg, but Wiggen said that was the first he’d heard of it. “I’ve been sacked as assistant coach, that’s what I know,” he said. “What should I say? I took it okay. I have been in the game for a long time. I also smelled a rat for a while.” He said Hansen also took the news “totally fine,” even though Hansen himself later criticized RBK’s leadership and suggested it had a lot to learn from other clubs.

Wiggen told Adresseavisen the layoffs said more about the club than the coaches. “Where coaches get fired regularly, it can mean it’s not only the coaches that there’s something wrong with,” he said. “On a general basis. I don’t think every coach that has been here over the past 10 years is an idiot. There have been many really good coaches.”

Players: no comment
The players also received the news on Monday. “We in the squad work with the coach who is there at any given time,” said captain Tore Reginiussen. “It is not a fun message to receive, but such is the game. Otherwise I have no comment. Now we’re focusing on performing in the next games, and we want to be in the championship race – that is what we’re working towards.”

Reginiussen would not comment when asked if Hansen’s sacking came as a surprise.

Former player and TV2 expert commentator Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen said it was a shame Hansen had been given the boot, but at the same time he could see it was perhaps necessary. “You talk about losing in the change room, and from what I understand, the players have begun to lose faith in what they’re doing,” he said. “There is no splash in what has been done. If you only look at the results, you may think that the RBK management must take it a little easy. But you have to look behind the results, and when you seen how the public reacts, then you have to do something. Perry has not done that. Right here he has not succeeded.”

Ingebrigtsen tapped
Koteng initially would not comment on Hansen’s potential replacement, except to say that there would be a press release when the situation had been clarified. Stavanger Viking assistant coach and former RBK player and assistant coach Kåre Ingebrigtsen did not respond to media requests for comment, but Viking chaiman Dag Husebø confirmed Ingebrigtsen was heading home to Trøndelag and Ingebrigtsen appeared at an RBK press conference later in the day when his appointment was made official.

“It’s true that we have to look for a new assistant coach,” Husebø told newspaper Stavanger Aftenbladet. “Kåre has been important to us, and it’s stupid that he’s leaving us.”

A clause in his contract allowed him to leave Stavanger for a job as a head coach at another club, but with a notice period of a few months. It means RBK and Viking would have to agree over compensation when Ingebrigtsen goes sooner.

“Kåre is really one who stands for the kind of football Rosenborg wants,” Jakobsen said. “It may be a good choice, then he gets to show he may have what it takes. He has ambitions to be a full-time football coach, and he wants to be a head coach. But … he must get RBK to score more goals than Viking currently does.”

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